Kim Samuel X Kim ChungHa Duet Collaboration On Debut Single

Dancing Queen and King are going to collaborate on Kim Samuel‘s coming debut single.

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Kim Samuel, who achieved recognition of his amazing dancing performances, finally will debut soon. Kim ChungHa also was acknowledged as a dancing queen in Produce 101 SE1 and she is going to collaborate with Kim Samuel. There is a common point between them, which is they can sing and dancing along together. Based on black music, they will show off their not only dancing skills but also amazing RnB bocal abilities of them. As both Kim Samuel and Kim ChungHa got huge amount of popularity from fans, this news are interesting enough to grab attention and cause tremendous expectations from audience. 

In Kim Samuel’s solo mini debut album, there are all 5 songs including title song ’16’, ‘I’m ready’ and ‘With You’ which are RnB music, ‘I got it’ and ‘1, 2, 3’ based on hip-hop. Netizens feel interesting in that Kim Samuel’s period of debut acitivties and Wanna One‘s debuting period  are very closed. Also, even before Kim Samuel appeared in Produce 101 SE2, he is known to have practiced and prepared for his debut album for 1 year, so it would be good opportunity for him to overcome his fail to debut as Wanna One. Many netizens are expecting him to have a lot of broadcasting activities and supporting him as a rising star all around the world.


Kim Samuel, Kim ChungHa, Produce 101

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ONE Profile: From 1PUNCH with Kim Samuel To SMTM, Finally Debuting in YG

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    Not much people have heard of the group 1PUNCH. They were a duo consisted of ONE and Kim Samuel from Brave Entertainment. The duo didn’t really work out well, so both members decided to take a different path. Kim Samuel went back to being a trainee in the same entertainment and joined Produce 101 SE2. The other member. ONE, left Brave and joined YG Entertainment. He also participated a competition program, SHOW ME THE MONEY SE 4 and 5 before his debut. 

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    One has been preparing his first album”ONE DAY” which is soon to be released on July 11th. Though he did  not release the first album yet, a number of fans are already waiting for him. Because he performed as 1PUNCH and in SMTM, he is renowned as a hip hop artiest and got a firm fandom already.

    The tracks were produced by ONE himself and Cha Cha Malone, a produce in AOMG. He wrote the lyrics himself with a helping hand of a major hip hop label.



    ONE, ONE YG Entertainment, ONE Debut, ONE ONE DAY

    (YG Entertainment)

    ONE, ONE YG Entertainment, ONE Debut, ONE ONE DAY



    (Jeong JaeWon)

    Birthday: 1994.3.29

    Height: 176 cm

    Weight: 58 kg

    Interesting Facts) Has been one of the major rappers spotlighted in SMTM SE 4 and 5

    SNS: Instagram



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    YG Entertainment

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    Guess What Kim Samuel, Trainee from Produce 101 SE2 Has Given His Fan

    A fan caught Kim Samuel playing claw machine game, trying to get stuff toys.

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    The fan asked for his autograph, but he did not have one yet (since he is so young). So, the fan asked a selfie with him, but that was declined politely as well. (Guess it’s some kind of a rule in Produce 101 SE 2.)

    The fan turned back saying bye to him, but just then, Samuel came running, and said “This is all I can give for now.. sorry. ” handing the fan a stuff toy he got from playing claw machine game.

    Produce 101, Produce 101 Kim Samuel, Produce 101 Trainees, Kim Samuel

    Nate Pann

    Produce 101, Produce 101 Kim Samuel, Produce 101 Trainees, Kim Samuel

    Nate Pann

    Produce 101, Produce 101 Kim Samuel, Produce 101 Trainees, Kim Samuel

    Nate Pann

    Why does he have to be this cute…? He can dance, sing and got unbelievable charms.. enough already!!

    Wish I had gotten the stuff toy too..!!

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    What Produce 101 SE2 Staffs Say About Wanna One : Actual Personality, Etc

    For fans who are waiting for information or news of Wanna One, Here’s what Produce 101 staffs say about them!

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    Most audience could only see Produce 101 trainees including final members of Wanna One, but there are privileged people who could meet them and talk to them in person. How envy! Curious about who they are? Of course, they are Produce 101 SE2’s staffs. They actually met trainees very closed to them and maybe they might have seen trainees’ real lives when camera’s off. Therefore, What Produce 101 SE2’s staffs are saying is very closed to the truth, maybe, and also interesting!  Some of what they say are similar with what fans think, but there are some differences too. 

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    Much More Handsome In Person Than Pictures, Videos, or Something In TV

    1. Kang Daniel

    Staff A: “Kang Daniel is the one who changed the most comparing with the beginning of the program. At first, he was a little bit chubby but as time goes by, he got nicer losing her weight. He just looks like a puppy and look at that cute smile! He has the typical face that nowadays teens would fall for and his attractive looks fly more when you meet him closer. Kang Daniel looks much better than in picture.”

    Kang Daniel, Produce 101 SE2, Wanna One,



    2. Ong SungWoo

    Staff B: “Ong SungWoo got perfect body. When you look at him closer, you must think that he is just like an actor something.”

    Ong SungWoo

    Nate Pann


    God Of Mentality

    1. Lai KwanLin

    Staff A: Trainees usually reacted different according to their grades or ranks, but Lai KwanLin looked undisturbed. Even though he wasn’t ranked high always from the beginning, his self-control, reserve, and aloofness was quite outstanding. 

    Lai KwanLin



    2. Park WooJin

    Staff B: “Park WooJin don’t cry usually, and also he is a little reticent. You can tell that as you know through his performing of ‘Never’ when he had to wear an eye patch due to herpes zoster. I know he was so sick that he couldn’t even stand alone, but he managed to make a perfect performance. “

    Park WooJin,



    Just Like Beagles

    Staff A: “Comparing with SE1, there are lots of playful boys in SE2. Of course in dormitory, but also when they were waiting for ranking announcement, they always chatted and did mischief. Except for the final stage.

    Staff C: ” Their teamwork was also amazing. Members just like Kim Samuel, Kang Daniel who are good at choreography and Kim JongHyun, who got skills helped members who lack practicing or experience, such as Lai KwanLin and Bae JinYoung. At the beginning, their skill gaps among them are quiet huge but they got smaller fast as time goes by.

    Wanna One


    Current Ranking of Produce 101 SE2: As of June 9th

    Produce 101 SE2 is closely heading to its end. As “end” is always a “start” of something, the ending of the program means the debut of the trainees.  

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    The top 11 members is to debut after the last episode, which is to be aired on June 16th. Just like I.O.I, the group debuted from Produce 101 SE 1, the 11 boys will form a group and perform for a certain period. The ranking to be revealed now, is from June 9th, so this aren’t the final members to debut and there is a chance for  changes in the last episode. However, this rank does provide a possible glimpse of who is likely to debut!

    The ranking of June 9th.

    Produce 101, Produce 101 SE2, Produce 101 ranking, Produce 101 0609, Kang Daniel, Park JiHoon, Produce 101 Debut

    sayder S101 / dreamlike / Nate Pann

    1st – Kang Daniel

    2nd – Park JiHoon

    3rd – Ha SungWoon

    4th – Bae JinYoung

    5th – Kim Samuel

    6th – Park WooJin

    7th – Kim JongHyun

    8th – Ong SeungWoo

    9th – Yoon JiSeung

    10th – Lee DaiHwi

    11th – Hwang MinHyun

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