Gugudan's Kim SeJeong is taking very active parts in drama "School 2017"

Kim SeJeong, who is acting a role 'Ra EunHo' in the drama "School 2017", made audiences keep eyes on her by different scenes including her. Her acting spectrum ranges from the serious girl who investigate the 'X' and clear herself of a false charge to romantic girly-girl. Those lovely scenes including Kim SeJeong got tremendous attention from audiences. Through last episode 1 and 2, Kim SeJeong got a nickname 'GOD EunHo' (Ra EunHo is a character name of Kim SeJeong) due to her amazing acting skills. And the 3rd episode's scenes are cool enough to make audience admit that nickname for Kim SeJeong.

On that day, Ra EunHo was falsely charged with the student 'X' who anyone doesn't know about. The school principle's meeting with Kim SeJeong made her get surrounded by 'Reward and Punishment Grade System' issue. Because of the principle's sweetest promise to exempt the punishment grades on her if she figures the student 'X's identity out, Kim SeJeong started to deduce who the 'X' is.  In this process, Kim SeJeong showed proficient skills even though it was the first time for her to act in drama. Many fans are expecting that how this drama will be unfolded from now.


Kim SeJeong Shows Off Her Acting Skills In Drama "School 2017"


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