Korean Celebs’ Ideal Types Compilation: Kim SeulGi

One of the loveliest actress working in in Korean drama and movie industry must be Kim SeulGi.

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She has a happy energy and vibes almost unbelievable that it’s coming from such a small body. She is actually very quiet and shy in her daily life, but she turns into a small powerful engine when she starts working. She sings, she dances, she acts and she even handled comedy shows pretty well.  This talented actress has so many charms aside from her talents. Her loveliest smile melts our hearts and her cheekbones are the cutest of all. Her short height and small body are actually a big plus in building her career because she is capable of acting from adult to child even. 

We have our reasons to love this actress dearly and watch all of her works. But do we know,  what kind of a person would this talented, lovely actress think of ideally?


Kim SeulGi’s Ideal Type Compilation

Kim SeulGi: I would like to meet someone who’s got bright sparkling eyes like that of actor Jo JungSuk, witty as comedian Yoo SeYoon, and positive and energetic like actor Yoo JunSang. Also, I’d like to meet someone kind, rather than those who are blunt. Having many similarities and similar thoughts would be great as well.

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Korean Celebs’ Ideal Types Compilation: Han JiMin

Han JiMin is one of the most beloved Korean actresses. The reason why she is loved so dearly and so widely is that she is, despite the shyest and loveliest look she got, she is playful and warm like children. 

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It’s difficult to be pure and innocent as a child when we grow up. We tend to think more of our profits rather than sharing, we tend to be more careful to not hurt our reputation rather than being relaxed and playing it cool. Actress Han JiMin is one of the special adults who is pure and innocent as a child. Her beauty doesn’t even count so much to fans. The two best traits of her are the warm heart that helps people and not thinking much of herself and playful attitude around her beloved people makes her an attractive person. 

What kind of person would such good-natured angelic person fall for? One way to find out~

Han JiMin‘s Ideal Type Compilation

Han JiMin: I take my time to get to know a person so I need to spend much time with somebody to open up. I tend to look for someone who can wait patiently for me. Age doesn’t matter to me but whether I can get along with the person well matters. I love drinking so I don’t really fall for guys who can’t drink. Also, I like sweet guys who are kind. 

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Korean Celebs’ Ideal Types Compilation: Son HoJun

Actor Son HoJun has a long history of working in the entertainment field, however, it’s not been long since he got a fame he has today.

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Unbelievable it may sound, HoJun started as an IDOL! He debuted as Tachyeon with two other boys, however, the group disbanded as soon as they debuted. He continued his career as an actor, taking small parts in movies and drama. He wasn’t given any major roles and wasn’t spotted by the public until “Reply 1994“. After the drama, he started to take major roles in TV variety shows and dramas as well and all were huge hits. 

One characteristic we can say for sure about HoJun is that he’s got perseverance and we love him for being so modest and hard working. Now, whom might this hard working man admire?


Son HoJun‘s Ideal Type Compilation 

Son HoJun: I want a woman who can go with me with the rest of her life. Someone who is bright and positive will be nice to live with. I was always fond of someone who is small and cute rather than sexy. I like those who are chill and don’t have much to hide.

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