It’s shocking and sad to hear that he’s embroiled in an untimely issue aimed at unearthing his personal life privacy by turning it into something as MakJang as a weekend Korean drama birth secret episode.

One OST singer claiming to be his a half Sister really went deep into the details of the case. The woman is alleged to be Kim Soo Hyun's unrevealed younger sister for being publicly known as Kim Joo Na with her song from the SBS drama "High Society." Until now, the identity of the hallyu star’s younger sister has not been revealed. Due to this situation, Kim Soo Hyun was forced to acknowledge that he is, in fact, not only son.

Kim Joo Na is the child of his father and the father's another wife, so when they married Kim Soo Hyun lived away from his father and he was brought up by his widowed mother.

Who is she?Kim Soo Hyun Admits Kim Joo Na is a half Sister : Who Is She?

According to an exclusive report by OSEN, the top star’s younger sister has officially made her debut into the K-music industry as a singer on July 21. But some people say its galloping dispute remains dubious about buzz marketing for her debut. 


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Aug 12, 2016 11:55 am

Wow, her photos make her look a lot different from how she looked on the show.