Right before the debut as JBJ, Kim TaeDong disappeared and talked about why he did that.

Kim TaeDong, who trained in Produce 101 SE2 and was planned to debut as a member of JBJ, disappeared for a while. It was right before the debut of JBJ, so many fans worried about Kim TaeDong's disappearance. However, Kim TaeDong was revealed to have sent the certification of contents to his management, The Vibe Lable entertainment in order to ask the cancellation of contract with himself. If it goes to legal conflict, he will have an obstacle to have an activity as JBJ. 

Kim TaeDong posted a long sentence on his Instagram, saying it's too hard for him to endure the management's poor treatment and neglect on him. Kim TaeDong's fans are supporting him and encouraging him to leave The Vibe Lable entertainment. However, it seems complicated situation for Kim TaeDong for now. The Vibe Lable's staffs claimed, "We are wanting him to come back to management and rejoin JBJ." Nevertheless, all things taken together, Kim TaeDong seems not to want to go back his management. He keeps saying thank you and sorry to his fans on his SNS.


Kim TaeDong Who Was Planned To Debut as JBJ Confesses Why He Disappeared



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