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Kim WooBin and Lee JongSuk keep showing close friendship.

According to TV Report, on the 27th, on Lee JongSuk's side "After his fan meeting in Japan, Lee JongSuk went overseas for a photoshoot. His schedule was well matching with the one of Kim WooBin so we know that they met when he finishes his schedule".

On Kim WooBin's side, "It is true that he is traveling with Kim WooBin in Hawaii. Kim WooBin's health has improved a lot. There is no plan for comeback yet".

Another media revealed that Kim WooBin was having a relaxing time in Hawaii and left Korea on the 22th.

Kim WooBin and Lee JongSuk know each other since their model days.

Netizens commented, "It is nice to see their friendship", "Kim WooBin, get better soon", "Take care of your health", "It seems that Lee JongSuk has a good personality", "It might be hard, please have a good rest with your friend", etc.

Many fans are also waiting for the drama “Hymn Of Death”. The actor spoiled fans one more time with a new picture.



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