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Recently, ahead of his debut, Kim WooJin appeared on DKDKTV's YouTube channel for a segment called "Tea Time With David" where he opened up about his musical career, pre-debut concerns, his fans and much more.

To begin with, when asked to describe himself in 5 words, he said, "Bear Puppy", "Still Dream", "Vocalist", "Baby lyricist" and "Passion Man". He explained that "Bear Puppy" was a nickname his fans gave him, "Still Dream" is a pre-debut song that he poured a lot of his personal story into, "Vocalist" was because it was his strength, "Baby Lyricist" was because he was starting to write his own music and "Passion Man" was because he is passionate.

He further shared that he was working hard for his debut and learned a lot in the process. He said that he hadn't written lyrics before but he wrote a lot of the songs for his album. Even though it was fun, he admitted that since it was his first time, his lyrics were rather straightforward and that he felt the need to improve. He also said that he gained inspiration when he was alone late at night. His first mini-album, "The Moment: 未成年, A Minor." will be released today at 6PM KST. You can watch the full video below!


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