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UP10TION's WooShin or better known as Kim WooSeok will be making an appearance on KBS "Newly Released Fun-staurant (literal translation)".

According to an representative from KBS, they mentioned that Kim WooSeok had confirmed his appearance on the show.

It is said that before his solo debut, Kim WooSeok will be greeting viewers and fans through the program. It can be expected that Kim WooSeok will begin his solo activities officially through the appearance on variety shows.

For those who are wondering what "Newly Released Fun-staurant" is, it is a program where menus will be revealed and evaluated by a panel of judges. The menu which receives the highest number of votes will be released in convenience stores a day later.

Viewers can anticipate to see Kim WooSeok's reactions to various types of food as well as the his exquisite taste in dining. The show is expected to air sometime in May.

Kim WooSeok will be recruiting his fans to join his fanclub starting from Apr. 13.

He will also be appearing on the web drama "Twenty Twenty" by Playlist as the male lead.

Are you looking forward towards his solo activities?


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