Kim YooJung may just be taking on her next female lead role in 2017's "School" series.

Recently, news sources reported that the child-actor-turned-actress will be taking on the lead role in "School 2017", a drama from KBS 2TV. YooJung's representatives spoke up to address the rumors.

Kim YooJung Answers Rumors About Possible Lead Role in "School 2017"



Sidus HQ, Kim YooJung' s agency, announced that they are considering about the actress starring in "School 2017", but will need some time to think. There's nothing confirmed at the moment.

Back then, one media source reported that she will be appearing as the lead actress on "School 2017". Meanwhile, "School 2017" is one of the KBS dramas of the "School" series. Also the series is renowned for many actors and actress who got fame through it. "School 2017" plans to complete their auditions and casting very soon. "School 2017" is a story about the real lifestyles of students, friendships, love and the challenges they face. It will start airing in July.


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