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South Korean ballad artist Ko SeungHyung‘s agency STX LIONHEART has confirmed that the singer is in a relationship with cheerleader Seo HyunSook at the moment.

STX LIONHEART have also stated that the two have been dating happily for around two years.

“The two are in a very constructive relationship at the moment, and we hope that many people will support both people in their relationship and individual careers as well.”

And we couldn’t have had a better timing for the news to have come out as Ko SeungHyung, who first caught the attention of the public back in 2015 for having vocal characteristics similar to singer Park HyoShin when he appeared in ‘I Can See Your Voice’, recently debuted on March 28th with his single ‘Nothing to Do’.

As for Seo HyunSook, who first began cheerleading for baseball team Doosan Bears back in 2016, she has been gaining immense popularity for her beauty recently while also appearing in cheerleading squads for football team FC Seoul, volley ball team GS Caltex.

Below is a statement released by STX LIONHEART.

“After confirming with Ko SeungHyung himself, the two people are indeed in a relationship and have been happily dating since two years ago. They remain supportive to each other, both being pillars for each other, and because many people around them have been supporting them, their love for each other continues to flourish even greater.

We humbly ask for everyone’s continuous support for the two people and their individual careers as well, especially for Ko SeungHyun’s debut single ‘Nothing to Do’ and Seo HyunSook’s career as a cheerleader.”

And below is a clip of Seo HyunSook and other lovely cheerleaders who have been showing support for Ko SeungHyung before his debut.

Congratulations to the two love birds!


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Cute dancing girl~


okay but the company having their backs and supporting them is awesome

they seem like a very cute couple:)