Korean Actor Yoo Ah In Explains His Stance On Gay Rumor

SBS’s 25th anniversary drama, “Six Flying Dragons“starring Yoo Ah-in, Kim Myung-min and Shin Se-kyung will premiere soon. It will tell the story of six ambitious and successful characters including Prince Lee Bang Won, who helped his father King Taejo establish the foundation of the generation. 

Famous actor Yoo Ah In have been accused of being gay. As the historical drama approached, a rumor, that has swirled around him, resurfaces again in the showbiz. Actually, the rumors about his sexuality have regularly appeared on gossip site for years because he was witnessed drinking at a gay bar in Itaewon several times. When the rumors get worse, Yoo Ah In has broken his silence to offer his side of the rumor through an interview. 

yoo ah in gay


When he was asked about his sexuality during the interview, he responded as below :

[Cine21] Interview Yoo Ah In about his photo in a cafe ; some people think it is gay cafe.

Q. This may be an embarrassing question, but a picture of you sitting on a purple sofa and applying lip balm made its rounds on the internet and was used as “evidence” that Yoo Ah In is gay. Netizens framed all kinds of guesses and comments as if they were testimonials and spread them around, but you wrote underneath the photo, ‘Try what you will.’

A. I wanted to make them ashamed of themselves. The actual person behind the distorted and misrepresented rumors going around is like this. Play with it if you want. It was that kind of feeling. I was hurt; I was frustrated. Not because they were talking about something that embarrassed me, but because I didn’t like that I had become a toy for anyone. I could have just deleted the photo to stop the rumors if I didn’t want them to spread, but I wanted them to look back on this after some time had passed and be ashamed of themselves.


While some might be shocked to hear the actor as gay, but someone’s sexuality is something that’s celebrated, not speculated about. Meanwhile, after a press conference for his drama today, it’s getting Hongsik, which is Yoo’s real name, trending within a short amount of time on Twitter.

An Idol Boy brushes off Gay Rumor

Have you ever thought that one of your favorite celebs could possibly be gay and just hasn’t “come out” yet? Those acquainted with the K-Pop scene for a long time may have heard of these rumors which suggested that some of idol boys are gay and have a boyfriend. The rumors became very widespread and although no one could really produce any evidence.

Gays selected the best male entertainersgay-korea.jpg

Last April, one Korean web community, Nate, revealed some juicy gossip on a gay idol there who dare to come out. Recently, its rumors resurface after the news of some of major boy groups’ comeback this summer. 

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IDOL-GAY.jpgSource by. Nate

[TRANS]  Member “I” of a boy group turned out to be a gay. The fans had suspected him to be gay or transgender, but it was forgotten because his celebrity career went well for a long time. “I” eventually came out as gay to his group which are well known for their synchronized choreographies. Surprisingly, the members had already suspected him to be gay since he was a trainee due to his obvious behavior, so they weren’t much surprised.   

Although it was often rumored that the idol boy might be secretly gay, he would not tell the truth. And it seems that the rumors about his sexuality will be continued without end. 

You can’t always believe what you hear, that could just be gossip talking, but, sometimes, it hard to believe that it might be true. So, do you know who this guy was?


Gays selected the best male entertainers 2014

Gays selected the best male entertainers on a big community site in the country.

895 gays over the age of 20 took part in the questionnaires. Look at the result of the survey.  See Top 10 below

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10. Kim Young-Kwang

15Total 29 votes (3.2%)

Kim Young-Kwang is model-turned-actor.

He got popularity because he is very tall and has a cute mask.

He was selected by gays mainly over 30’s.  


9. Lee Ki-Kwang

kiTotal 37 votes (4.1%)

Lee Ki-Kwang is a member of BEAST and he has cute face and powerful muscles.

Gays like this factors.


8. Gong Yoo

goTotal 38 votes (4.2%)

An actor ‘Gong Yoo’ is also very tall and has a strong muscles.

The main attraction is his appearance. He looks manly.

He was selected by bottoms mainly over the age of 20.

He was selected by gays mainly over the age of 30.  


7. Song Joong-Ki

songTotal 50 votes (5.6%)

An actor ’Song Joong-Ki’ looks cute and polite.

His educational background is also one of his attractions.

He was selected by tops mainly over 30’s. 


6. Park Hyung-Sik

parkTotal 52 votes (5.8%)

An idol ‘Park Hyung-Sik’ has also cute mask and large stature.

Recently, he has appeared in Real Man (entertainment program) and he is giving off his charm.

His image stirs up the protective instinct from the gays.

He was selected by tops mainly. 


5. Kim Soo-Hyun

kimTotal 73 votes (8.2%)

An actor ‘Kim Soo-Hyun’ appeared in You Who Came From The Stars and he became ‘the nation’s first love’ for gays.

He is average in appearance and gives a gentle impression.

He was selected by tops mainly over the age of 30. 


4. Lee Hyun-Woo

hyunTotal 94 votes (10.5%) 

Lee Hyun-Woo is one of the rising star with cute appearance.

He has recently played a role of a gay in drams and gained massive popularity.

He has a manly cuteness not womanly so gays like him.

He was selected by tops mainly 20’s. 


3. Kim Kang-Woo

KANGTotal 109 votes (12.2%)

Kim Kang-Woo looks normal and warm. Also, he has a strong body.

Recently, he gave off his charm with the image of a thoughtful husband and brother-in-law.

He was selected by bottoms mainly over 30’s. 


2. Ji Jin-Hee

JITotal 128 votes (14.3%)

Ji Jin-Hee was called gay president and

he has always took the first place in the popularity vote for gays. 

But he has dropped to second.

The reason is expected that we couldn’t see him in broadcasting recently.

However, despite his old age, he is still popular with gays.

A reason of the popularity is that he looks polite and warm and brave.

He is loved by all ages and selected by bottoms. 


1. Lee Sang-Yoon

sangTotal 176 votes (19.7%)

Recently, Lee Sang-Yoon appeared in My Daughter Seo-Young and got a lot of popularity.

He has cute face and large stature and excellent educational background.

 He has all factors that gays like.

He is loved by all ages. In 20’s and 30’s, tops selected him and in 40’s and 50’s, bottoms selected him.  

In a word, he is the most popular entertainer for gays regardless of top and bottom.



  • Top Preferred Entertainers 

ㄴ Kim Young-Kwang, Lee Ki-Kwang, Song Joong-Ki, Park Hyung-Sik, Kim Soo-Hyun, Lee Hyun-Woo, Lee Sang-Yoon


  • Bottom Preferred Entertainers 

ㄴ Gong Yoo, Kim Kang-Woo, Ji Jin-Hee, Lee Sang-Yoon

The result reflects intensely personal preference of gays. As you know from the result, entertainers with great looks such as Won Bin, Jang Dong-Gun, Go Soo were not chosen and entertainers such as Lee Sang-Yoon, Ji Jin-Hee, Kim Kang-Woo that we can find in daily life easily were selected by gays.