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The Ice Bucket Challenge raise awareness and donation for patients of ALS. The challenge is a hot topic again now in Korea with the project of building the first ALS Care Hospital in Korea. It has some 'rules', when someone is challenged, that person has to do the challenge, do a donation or both. And then the person has to nominate 3 other people. Many entertainers are doing this challenge -again in 2018- and that since the end of May.

People are nominating the challenge most probably to people close to them. They can be friends or colleges. It is therefore interesting to take a look at those. It is also interesting to see how some were not challenged too.

Here is a list of selected actors that did the challenge/donate and the people they nominated to the challenge.


1- Park BoGum 

He nominated Kwak DongYeon, Yeo JinGoo, and Lee JoonHyuk (1972). Kwak DongYeon and Lee JoonHyuk acted in "Love in the Moonlight" with him. Park BoGum mentioned his close friendship with Yeo JinGoo before.


2- Kwak DongYeon

He nominated Kim SoHyun and actor Yoon Park who he worked in "Radio Romance" together. He challenged actress Min DoHee too, they are together in the upcoming drama "My ID is Gangnam Beauty".


3- Yeo JinGoo

He nominated Jung WooSung, they acted in "Sad Movie" together in 2005. Also Cho JinWoong was challenged, they acted together in "Deep Rooted Tree" (2011). Girl's Day's MinAh too, they are acting in the upcoming drama "Absolute Boyfriend".


4- Kim SoHyun

Kim SoHyun nominated the singer Bada and actress JiWoo. INFINITE's L too, both acted in "The Emperor: Owner of the Mask" (2017).


5- Go Ara

Go Ara challenged actress Kim JiSoo that also acted in "Hwarang" (2016). Actress Son JiHyun and actress Lee YeEun were also nominated.


6- Kim SaeRon

Kim SaeRon nominated the speed skater Lim HyoJun, actress Kim BoRa, and Akdong Musician's SuHyun. The idol and the actress are both under YG Entertainment.


7- Park HaeJin

Park HaeJin nominated actor Jo DongHyuk, they acted together in "Bad Guys" (2014) and entertainer Boom. He also challenged NU'ES'T's Ren both are acting in the upcoming drama "Four Sons".

What do you think?


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Jun 20, 2018 12:59 pm

LOL Yeo Jin Goo didn't even have a single scene with Cho Jinwoong in Deep Rooted Tree. He nominated Cho Jinwoong cos the latter played Jingoo's dad in the movie, Hwayi.