Korean Beauty Box: The Face Shop X Hoodie Ryan Collaboration Line

Can’t get enough of Kakao Friends’ adorable Ryan character? Truthfully, we can’t either. Fortunately, there’s yet another Ryan collaboration line about to hit the market, and it might just be his most adorable yet!

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Korean cosmetic retailer The Face Shop is teaming up with Kakao Friends to release a full line of cosmetics inspired by the Hoodie Ryan character for their A/W 2017 seasonal offering. Sporting his pale blue hooded sweatshirt, Ryan keeps it casually chic, making him the coolest addition to your beauty routine.

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Unlike previous character collaborations, the Hoodie Ryan line consists of a full spectrum of beauty and skincare – from customizable eye color to moisture-locking skin creams. Ready to check out the collection for yourself? Here’s a preview of what to expect from this exciting new collaboration.

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The Face Shop

The Face Shop

Hoodie Ryan Mono Pop Eyes features a number of neutral, pink, and plum shade eyeshadows in a cute Hoodie Ryan case. Fans are given two different case choices – the Hoodie Ryan case and one featuring an adorable Ryan face close-up.



The Face Shop

Hoodie Ryan Lip Balm is a flavored lip balm that comes in three different shades – Sweet Berry (pink), Fresh Vanilla (white/clear), and Cute Orange (red-orange). Each lip balm comes in a portable Hoodie Ryan keychain, so you can keep your lips nice and moisturized on the go.


The Face Shop

Hoodie Ryan Volume Up Tint is a volumizing lip tint that plumps and softens the lips with a special non-stick formula. The product is offered in four different colors – Red With Ryan (red), Blushed Ryan (rose), Sentimental Ryan (red-orange) and Pink of Ryan (pink) – with each color’s name printed on the applicator.




The Face Shop

The Hoodie Ryan Special Cushion Case is easily the most adorable item in the collection – a cushion compact case that looks just like Hoodie Ryan’s head! It comes with one refill of The Face Shop BB cushion and stays protected in a vinyl pouch to keep it scratch-free until you’re ready to use it.


The Face Shop

These Hoodie Ryan Mini Make-Up Bars give you the opportunity to create a customized look without stuffing your cosmetic bag. Coming in sets of pastels, pinks, or browns, each can be used as eyeshadows, blushes, or for highlights and contouring.


The Face Shop

The Hoodie Ryan Chia Seed No-Shine Hydrating Cream provides intense moisture to the skin without making it look greasy. Made with a blend of chia seed oil and cotton seed extract, it works not only to replenish but slightly mattify the skin – creating the perfect palette.



The Face Shop

The Hoodie Ryan Quick Hair Puff works to cover up sparse spots along the hairline to create the illusion of fuller, more voluminous hair. Coming in both medium and dark brown, the color is applied with a puff applicator, making both building and blending color a breeze.



The Face Shop

The Hoodie Ryan Milk & Shea Butter Body Lotion is infused with natural oils to help strengthen skin barriers without clogging pores, while the Hoodie Ryan Body Wash offers deep moisture with a rich nutty fragrance suitable for both men and women.



The Face Shop

The Hoodie Ryan Trendy Nails set adds a whole lot of fun to Kakao Friends fans’ at-home manicures. The decals can only be used once, but can be adhered directly onto the nail with a long-lasting sticker adhesive.


The entire Face Shop X Hoodie Ryan collection will be released in early September, and will be sold in The Face Shop locations globally while supplies last.



Are you ready for some Ryan? Find the closest Face Shop location near you by heading to their official website.

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Korean Beauty Box: PONY Effect’s Innovative Cosmetic Brushes

When it comes to hunting for the perfect beauty tools, the search can get pretty exhausting. There’s so much out there, and it seems that the prettiest items are never the most effective. Sometimes the more expensive tools don’t even work that well too!

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Fortunately, K-Beauty YouTube star Pony came out with her own cosmetic line PONY Effect, which not only boasts some gorgeous, high-pigmented lip and eye color products, but offers beauty tools that address the issues that most beauty fans deal with when using them at home.

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Hayanori Design

The most popular of these beauty tools? PONY Effect’s brushes, which are definitely made with the consumer in mind. Not only are the brushes 100% vegan, but they cater to three major demands beauty fans have when looking for a good brush – great color-payoff, portability, and easy cleaning and maintenance.

For this week’s Korean Beauty Box, we’re going to introduce three of our favorite PONY Effect beauty brushes. They might just be the brushes you’ve been looking for!

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Color-Payoff Brushes

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PONY Effect

Leave it to a YouTube beauty guru to guarantee that her brushes offer a flawless finish. Made with a combination of artificial wool and synthetic fibers, PONY Effect’s brushes have received rave reviews from beauty bloggers for their incredible color payoff and distribution, all the while making sure not to use or trap more product than you’ll be needing for your look.

We’re big fans of this very goth-punk PONY Effect That Girl Brush Set. Not only does it come with a very rock-and-roll black carrying pouch, but includes four fundamental cosmetic brushes – a powder brush, an eyeshadow brush, and both a small and large blending/contouring brush.

PONY Effect’s That Girl Brush Set


Compact Pop-Up Brushes

pop-up brushes, pony effect, kbeauty 2017

PONY Effect

Want to take your beauty routine on the go, but worried about travel space? PONY Effect has definitely got you covered. The cosmetic line recently came out with a special stackable brush set that has all you need to keep your look flawless no matter where life takes you.

The PONY Effect Retrospect Pop-Up Brush Set offers a lip brush, an eyeshadow brush, an eyelash screw brush, and an eyebrow brush that not only interlock with one another, but come appropriately labeled for which brush is for where. Perfect for small brush newbies!

PONY Effect Retrospect Pop-Up Brush Set


Magnetic Brushes

pony effect, magnetic brushes, kbeauty 2017

PONY Effect

Last, but definitely not least, is PONY Effect’s amazing magnetic brushes, which have acquired quite the cult following in the limited amount of time that they have been available. You might look at these and think, “Okay, magnets. So what’s the big deal?” But beauty fans are definitely loving how convenient these brushes not only make storage, but cleaning between uses.

Like any kind of brush, the longevity of its quality is compromised if there’s too much product that gets caught inside of it. Hanging the brushes upside down not only allows for a more shape-retaining way to dry, but keeps from any product or cleaner from soaking into the brush and affecting its performance later on. These magnetic brushes come in a variety of colors and sizes, but we’re huge fans of the PONY Effect #Prism Effect Mini Magnetic Brush Set, which comes in a beautiful gradient of neon greens and blues. 

PONY Effect #Prism Effect Mini Magnetic Brush Set


If you want to see how to use and care for these brushes, we really love this tutorial from K-Beauty YouTube star Edward Avila. In the video, he uses PONY Effect’s Magnetic Brush Pro Set, which is being held up by the PONY Effect Magnetic Brush Frame

Are you ready to step your beauty tool game up with PONY Effect brushes?

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Hayanori Design

Korean Beauty Box: 3CE’s Vintage Toy-Inspired “LOVE 3CE” Cosmetics

Watch out, K-Beauty fans – 3CE‘s latest cosmetic line might just be cuter than we are!

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This summer, 3CE – one of the trendiest Korean cosmetic brands around – released an entire collection inspired by vintage toys, and it’s definitely giving us some serious Polly Pocket flashbacks.

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“LOVE 3CE” products range from $13 – 32 USD and come in a number of candy-like colors reminiscent of play make-up from our childhoods. Not only do the products come with the highly-pigmented shades that 3CE is known for, they also come in the most adorable, uber-feminine packaging.

Let’s take a look at the products that make up the “LOVE 3CE” line!

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LOVE 3CE Baby Glow Cushion

love 3ce baby glow cushion


Baby Glow, the line’s representative BB cushion, packs on skin protection as well as customizable coverage. Available in two shades, the cream contains not only SPF 50, but grease-free moisturizer and panthenol to combat inflammation.

LOVE 3CE Baby Glow Cushion


LOVE 3CE Cheek Maker

love 3ce cheek maker


Coming in a range of bright pinks, browns, and beiges, LOVE 3CE’s Cheek Maker blush can be applied as a shadow, bronzer, or highlighter as well. We’re a huge fan of #Pink Ground, the ultra-matte pink that evokes the pop-punk mood of Tokyo’s Harajuku District.  

LOVE 3CE Cheek Maker (Seen in #Pink Ground)


LOVE 3CE Duo Shadow

love 3ce shadow duo


LOVE 3CE’s Duo Shadow comes in shades that are just as wearable during the day as they are in the evening. We love the way #Stay Wild’s apricot and brown duo palette elevates what would’ve been a rather ‘nude’ look with a delicate amount of shimmer.

LOVE 3CE Duo Shadow (Seen in #Stay Wild)


LOVE 3CE Glossy Lip Stick

love 3ce glossy lip stick


If there’s one thing 3CE has mastered as a brand, it’s their amazing lip products – and LOVE 3CE’s Glossy Lip Stick is yet another wonderful addition. The high-gloss finish is on-point for the summer months, and the Kool-Aid bright colors add a playful pop to your beauty routine.

LOVE 3CE Glossy Lip Stick (Seen in #Picnicker)


LOVE 3CE Heart Hand Mirror

love 3ce hand mirror


Lastly, we’ve got this ultra-femme 3CE Heart Hand Mirror, which evokes some serious Polly Pocket vibes. Available in peach pink, blue, and yellow, it’s easily the must-have of the collection. Have you seen anything cuter?!

LOVE 3CE Heart Hand Mirror (Seen in #Peach Pink)


Doll-inspired looks have been a trend among K-Pop idols since perhaps the very beginning of the genre, and it’s only continuing to grow on popularity among street fashion as well. Bright pinks, reds, and apricots not only create a lovely and romantic color scheme, but soften the face and make it appear more bright and youthful.

Don’t believe us? We’ve picked out recent beauty looks from BLACKPINK’s Lisa, Apink’s NaEun, and AKMU’s SooHyun that definitely drive the point home. These girls really know how to rock the palette. 

#BLACKPINK#LISA#블랙핑크#리사#날라리사#롱다리사 🖤💕🖤

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Want to create a similar look with items from the LOVE 3CE collection? Fortunately for us, Stylenanda has provided a simple-to-follow tutorial on how to incorporate the trend into your everyday beauty routine.


Are you ready to get retro? Check out the full selection of products in 3CE’s Love 3CE online store!

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