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Do you recognize actress Seo EunSu? She is one of the actresses getting more recognition and you might also remember her from the drama "Top Management" which has Cha EunWoo and also Ahn HyoSeop acting in it.

Seo EunSu actually began her career by appearing in commercials. Since then, many began to take notice of her and soon, her hard work has paid off. She began to act in dramas and now, even got herself as the female lead in "Top Management".

If you are curious to find out more about her, be sure to check out what she looks out for in an ideal type.


Seo EunSu's Ideal Type

Korean Celebs’ Ideal Types Compilation: Seo EunSu

Seo EunSu Instagram

She prefers someone who is nice and smiles often. It would also be better if they have similar taste, enjoy talking about little things and also have similar humor style. She likes someone who can communicate well with her and also influence each other positively.


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