Korean Fashion Finds: 5 Urban Street Brands Killing it in F/W 2017

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Fashion is fleeting and the trends that dominate today can change drastically overnight tomorrow. 

You might have noticed on the streets these days that urban and streetwear is creeping its way back into many fashion forward peoples’ wardrobe. Large iconic logo letterings, comfortable oversized fit, and a cross between athletic sportswear and famous street brands seem to be the hype. There’s simplicity, hip,  a small bit of chic, and tradition all put together. Here are five brands that represent the current streetwear trend.


1 Covernat

Covernat Korea Fashion, Covernat Streetwear


While the majority of the streetwear brands that dominated South Korea up until even as far as 2013 were all foreign brands such as Stussy, Brixton, Carhartt WIP, and so on, Covernat is one of the few brands that managed to compete against the brands mentioned above and secure its place in the domestic market. The streetwear brand has even been featured in Hypebeast, and it continues to slowly gain more recognition from the world of urban fashion. Known mainly for its modern workwear look, this year’s F / W collection, “IMAGINATION’, focuses primarily on fall season classics including military and workwear. There have been three separate releases of the collection so far. Leather biker jackets, a seasonal essential is also among the inventory for this season’s collection, “IMAGINATION”. Here are our favorite picks from the collection.

Covernat FW, Covernat Korea Fashion, Covernat Streetwear


The leather biker jacket is a wardrobe essential for the fall season. As we can see they come in different designs with differences with the lapel and zippers. All jackets are priced at 289,000 won and can be found on Covernat’s official webpage.



You can never go wrong with denim and nylon.

On the left, ‘2nd Type Damage Denim Jacket‘ 138,000 won

On the right, ‘Nylon G-9 Jacket‘  139,000 won. 




The brand is usually known for its casual and sporty look but made a surprise twist this year with an impressive release which leaned heavier towards streetwear than casual this year. The brand has gained recognition from the South Korean market with their MA-1  jackets. Irene from Red VelvetChen from EXO have also been seen wearing it as well.


Instiz / The Star

Anoraks have been making quite an appearance in this year’s streetwear fashion trend. A combo of an anorak and a bucket hat is SWIB has at least five different designs for this year’s F/W collection. The only problem is it just makes it more difficult to decide which one to cop. Anoraks can be purchased for 59,800 won on the official SWIB online store


SWIB Anorak ANR 802 – 59,800 won 


3 Converse 

Tyler the Creator Converse, K-Pop Converse Fashion

Converse Official

A classic brand with a long history in fashion. Converse is mainly known for their iconic shoes which have even been rocked by the legendary Kurt Cobain of the grunge rock band ‘Nirvana‘. The style never went away and there’s no denying that it gives a timeless look to street fashion. 

Converse Official

Millie Bobby Brown, the young female actress and rising star who plays the loveable character ‘Eleven’ in the Netflix hit series ‘Stranger Things’, and Tyler the Creator have been selected as the face of Converse this year. 

Converse Official Instagram

Converse Korea Official Facebook

Converse Korea Official Instagram

All Converse products can be purchased through its official homepage.




The FILA logo has been by far the hottest this year that we’ve seen on the streets. It’s instantly recognizable and who could’ve predicted that the iconic brand would have effortlessly made a comeback packed with such swag? 

FILA Korea Official

On the left – MTN Dew x FILA Anorak  189,000 won

On the right – Linear Logo Sweatshirt  69,000 won

FILA Official Instagram

Theres no way you can do any wrong with these clean all white original kicks.

The ‘Original Fitness 17 White Time’ shoes – 79,000 won




There are no words to describe the brilliance of MAHAGRID’s F/W collection. It is just pure fire. While Adidas Originals have been killing Nike in the shoe game for almost forever now, MAHAGRID proves itself to be a valuable ally to Nike and brings back the swoosh with a trendier modern street look. The majority of MAHAGRIDS look for this collection utilizes Nike shoes well for a look that is well put together.




Our favorites from this collection is basically everything but if we must narrow it down, we’d recommend the jackets. 


On the left – HEAVY W RIDERS JACKET 269,000 won

On the right – W SUEDE RIDERS JACKET 238,000 won

More products are available on the MAHAGRID official website.


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