The 2018 Korea Popular Music Awards recently held its first awards event this year but seemingly failed to make a good first impression on K-Pop fans. It was unfortunate that they were unable to please the fans since it would have been to KPMA's advantage had they at least attempted to deliver the results that differentiated themselves from other awards ceremonies such as MAMA and MMA, which are currently the laughing stock among viewers and fans for poor management and ridiculous voting systems.

To give an introduction about the new awards event, it is hosted by the Korea Singers Association, Korea Entertainment Producers’ Association, Korea Music Copyright Association, Korea Culture Industry’s Federation, Federation of Korean Music Performers and the Recording Industry Association of Korea.

In addition, the voting system of the KPMA's also requires fans to pay.

So what exactly happened during this event that has fans in uproar? It all began when a fierce competition between Wanna One and EXO took place for the Popularity Award. While the two idol groups managed to rake in similar amount of votes, Wanna One ultimately ended up winning with 1,517,900 votes whereas EXO ended up with 1,496,101 votes, creating a 21,700 vote difference.

KPMA 2018 Off To Ridiculous Rocky Start By Triggering Fans


But despite the difference in votes, the KPMA announced both Wanna One and EXO as the winners.

Fans were in anger as they stated they would not have bothered to pay in order to vote for their idol groups had they known that the management was going to make it a festival for everyone.


How do you feel about the KPMA's decision to award both Wanna One and EXO as the winners? Is there any justification for their decision?


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Dec 29, 2018 05:01 am

As an EXO-L I don't think it's a fair, if Wanna One won first place they should just give them the award