Kpopmap Charts: 9 Best Vetements Outfits by K-Pop Idols

If you’re a fashion-forward person who keeps up with trends, you’d obviously know all about the ‘much-talked-about’ high-end fashion label ‘Vetements’. 


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Known for their ridiculously large overfit silhouette, some people hate it and others just can’t get enough of it. Vetements is a French fashion brand founded by designer Demna Gvasalia in 2009. Celebrities all over the world have been seen wearing their oversized jackets and hoodies, notably Kanye West and Rihanna. The designers of Vetements have experience working at high-end fashion labels such as Maison Margiela, Louis Vuitton, and Balenciaga. ‘Vetements’ also literally means ‘clothes’ in French. Long story short, it is an extremely trendy and popular fashion label that most average people cannot afford let alone get a hold of. It is a luxury brand that is differentiated from other high-end brands because all products come in scarcely limited quantities. In a sense, they have truly defined the meaning of a ‘luxury’ brand since not everyone will be able to have their products.




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Oversized everything has been the key point for Vetements up until this point. Head designer Demna Gvasalia has said recently that Vetements is done with making oversized clothing, but we still have yet to see what other concepts the fashion label will begin releasing next. 


K-Pop idols have also quickly developed a fondness for this fashion label as well. And naturally, we’ve hand-selected a few of our favorites. Here are our top nine idols that wear Vetements like champs.


1 G-Dragon

GDragon, GDragon Profile elva_lau

G-Dragon is pretty much in every K-Pop article that is related to fashion. Afterall, there’s no denying that he is possibly the most iconic idol when it comes to fashion playing the role of the trend-setter.


2 SoYou

SoYu, SoYu Profile

News 1

SoYou’s outfit is a good example of how wearing Vetements is done right. It’s cute, sexy, and chic. Everything that the luxury brand’s concept aims to provide.


3 Bobby

Bobby, Bobby Profile


We just love the way Bobby has mixed the checkered pattern socks with the oversized sweater. Orange with black and white checkered patterns have always been street fashion’s favorite color scheme as we’ve also seen a few similar outfits from Supreme.



Dean, Dean Profile


It’s not just his music that’s trendy. It’s his whole look as well. Dean is arguably an existence in K-Pop that defies the stereotype of K-Pop idols. Sure he has the looks and talent like everyone else, but it’s the way he presents himself that sets him apart. He is first and foremost more of an artist than an idol. His outfit does a good job of expressing what his music expresses, futurism, smoothness, and trendy.


5 Victoria

Victoria, Victoria Profile


Her hair-style does a good job of finishing the Vetements look. And because she’s Victoria, she can basically pull off any type of outfit. 



Mark, Mark Profile, GOT7, GOT7 Profile

The Hunt / My Own Mark

GOT7’s cutie Mark seems to be into high-end street fashion more than any other member. We can see that because his outfits are always on point with the latest and trendiest brands as well. We’ve seen him in Fear of God and Yeezy’s on many occassions. The way these outfits are put together, however, reminds us a little too much of the average Hong-dae ‘fuccbois’ in Seoul. The outfit only seemingly looks dope because of his beautifully handsome face and amazing body.


7 V

V, V Profile, BTS, BTS Profile


It’s a cool hoodie by Vetements. But when you are that good-looking, it’s hard to focus on the outfit itself. 


8 Kris

Kris Wu, Kris Wu Profile

Tera Peak

The strange thing about this is that the Vetements hoodie worn by Kris doesn’t really seem like a Vetements hoodie. The reason being is that Vetements is supposed to give you an over the top oversized fit. The only problem here is that it just looks like any normal hoodie. Are Kris’s arms really that long?


9 Sandara Park

Sandara Park, Sandara Park Profile

Official Sandara Park Instagram

Sandara Park is always one of the few idols that are known to be early adopters. Along with G-Dragon, she was one of the first to have the Yeezy Boost 350 in the turtledove colorway when it first dropped in South Korea. Her outfit is cute but it seems a little bit too big for her, even if it’s a Vetements sweater.


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