K-Pop Couple Fantasy: BTS and Halsey

The year of 2017 has been a year with a multitude of festivities for both BTS and Halsey.

Both parties have recently achieved commercial success world wide and come to think of it, they recently happened to have exchanged a small friendly encounter at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. When we consider the fact that these superstars are young, beautiful, and talented, we can’t help but imagine a scenario where love might surprisingly present itself in a form of sweet serendipity between them. So which BTS member do you think would be the best one to pull Halsey closer in the backseat of her Rover that we all know she can now afford after having being the featured vocalist for the #1 hit song of 2016? 

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First up, NamJoon (a.k.a Rap Monster) 

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Rap Monster stands 181 cm (5′ 11″) tall and obviously from his name, is a rapper. But more interestingly, both Rap Monster and Halsey are born in the same month and year, September 1994.  He studied in New Zealand for some time and so we can assume they’d have no problem communicating. Not that of course, much talking would be going on given that they are two extremely attractive individuals. Additionally, Rap Monster is also a big advocate for the LGBT community, a sector Halsey is well known to support. What do you think? A tall, tough, and handsome idol rapper with a gorgeous female pop star. Yay or nay?


Second up, Jin

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Jin’s favorite color being blue might work in favor for Halsey since the ‘Closer’ singer is known to change her hair color frequently, and usually in extremely bright neon colors. However Jin is also known to have a shy personality as opposed to Halsey’s outgoing, strong, and independent persona. Would opposites attract in this case?


Third up, Suga

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Suga, another rapper for BTS is potentially the member with the strongest ‘cute’ vibe. He’s known to speak in a satoori accent when he is crying or in a nervous situation. Can’t you just imagine? If these two were actually a couple and they were in a fight or a love crisis situation, it would be quite a sight to watch how they interact with each other. 


Fourth up, J-Hope

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J-Hope of BTS is known to have the best abs out of all the members, meaning he enjoys working out. He is also known to be the cleanest member of the group. His ideal type of girl is someone who can love him for who he is, is good at cooking, and thinks a lot. Hmm, Halsey seems to easily qualify for all of the above. 


Fifth in line, JiMin

BTS Official Facebook / The Hair Styler

The main dancer of BTS with also the most pinch-able cheeks. It is said that JiMin will start dancing if music is playing no matter where he is. His ideal type of girl is someone who is nice and smaller than him. Halsey looks extremely tall in photos because of her slim and perfectly proportionate body but stands at 162 cm (5’4″). She also paid for her younger brother’s college tuition as soon as her career began to rake in profit. Petite and nice? Sounds a lot like Halsey. 


Sixth in line, TaeHyung

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True fans of BTS know that TaeHyung particularly likes things that are unique, and that also happens to apply to people as well. He has said before that his ideal type of a girl is someone who can take care of him and has lots of ‘aegyo’ and affection. You can’t get more unique than Halsey. Her various tattoos and ever-changing hair color shows a part of her unique and artistic mind. We are more than sure TaeHyung would instantly find Halsey intriguing. 


And finally, JungKook

Sports Today / Vevo

JungKook of BTS seems to have almost every trait a girl could wish for in a guy. He is tall, ridiculously handsome, cooks well, and also has a strong interest for shoes and makeup. It is said he likes girls who can sing well and has pretty legs. The two traits he mentioned basically has ‘Halsey’ written all over it. 


Well, there you have it. And yes we know that it’s difficult to narrow the choices down since they all seem to go well together. Tell us who your pick is.

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What other fantasy couple do you think would look together? Let us know!