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Get your hearts ready for another K-Pop idol pairing as we talk about these two idols from Woollim Entertainment. They are none other than Golden Child's JangJun and Lovelyz's SuJeong!

Aside from the fact that they are from the same company, the two idols have many things in common! Both of them are born in the same year, 1997 and also attended School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA). They are also known to be in the same class.

K-Pop Couple Fantasy: Golden Child’s JangJun & Lovelyz’s SuJeong

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Previously, SuJeong had mentioned on a radio show that she had transferred to SOPA and were surprised by how everyone already knew her. She mentioned that a male trainee from her company might have shared the information with the classmates.

Back then, JangJun was still a trainee in the company and did not debut as a member of Golden Child yet.

When fans heard about this, they commented on the close relationship both has!

There was also a separate occasion when SuJeong mentioned about JangJun in a video.

K-Pop Couple Fantasy: Golden Child’s JangJun & Lovelyz’s SuJeong

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She commented on the reason being close to JangJun was not only because of their similar age but also how funny he was.

Moving on to the cute interactions which they have, fans have taken notes of a few incidents!

It was noted that SuJeong was doing a V-Live and suddenly she heard someone screaming noisily at the room next door. She was annoyed but still had a cute expression on her face.

Fans later found out that the scream actually belonged to JangJun! He was screaming because he was hit by his fellow member DaeYeol. You can check out the video below.

Aside from that funny incident, fans also saw the two greeting each other after their performances!

K-Pop Couple Fantasy: Golden Child’s JangJun & Lovelyz’s SuJeong


Fans could tell that SuJeong returned JangJun's greeting with a bright smile as caught on the video.

To talk even more about their friendship, member Tag as well as JangJun were seen dancing to Lovelyz's 'Twinkle'!

JangJun looks really adorable in the video and fans are loving how he was doing those moves accurately.

This two idols have an awesome friendship with each other and fans are also enjoying the sweet interactions caught between the two of them. Since they are from the same company, it is expected that they would have much more interactions off-screen.

K-Pop Couple Fantasy: Golden Child’s JangJun & Lovelyz’s SuJeong

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What do you think of the two idols?


What is Golden Child up to?

With less than a year of debut, Golden Child has made fans not just in South Korea but also overseas fall in love with them. As such, they will be holding their first fan meeting on May 22nd!

K-Pop Couple Fantasy: Golden Child’s JangJun & Lovelyz’s SuJeong

Woollim Entertainment

What is Lovelyz up to?

Lovelyz came back with their fourth mini album "Heal" on April 23rd with title track, 'That Day'. They also won the first for 'That Day' on SBS "The Show" on May 1st. Be sure to check out their new song if you have not.


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