K-Pop Couple Fantasy: NCT’s Mark & TaeYong

 10 Best K-Dramas Of Second Half Of 2019



K-Pop Couple Fantasy: NCT’s Mark & TaeYong

 10 Best K-Dramas Of Second Half Of 2019

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We all love it when we see members of the same group have super close interactions with one another. This is especially the case for NCT‘s Mark and TaeYong! Most of the fans may have known that they began their friendship after entering SM Entertainment as a trainee. It was during their trainee days which they became close with each other.

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In 2013, TaeYong was first introduced to the public under SM Rookies and later in 2014, Mark was introduced as part of SM Rookies too. Finally in 2016, TaeYong and Mark debuted as NCT members.

Let’s check out their close relationship together, shall we?

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SM Entertainment

It was known that TaeYong was street casted and entered SM Entertainment in 2012 and Mark followed suit in 2013 after going through a global audition in Canada. It looks like during their training period, they must had been strong pillars of support for each other.

 10 Best K-Dramas Of Second Half Of 2019


Even after their debuts, fans noticed that TaeYong and Mark are so caring towards each other just like brothers. When they were promoting under SM Rookies, fans noticed that the two of them had performed together on stage.

After they have debuted as NCT members, there were many moments between the two captured on camera and fans swoon over the sweet interactions.

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Vanilla Canvas

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Tyrant Syndrome


Furthermore, because both members are in NCT U and NCT 127, it is no wonder that they spend so much time together. Mark has also mentioned that he believes TaeYong is the pillar of NCT. This shows how much he respects TaeYong and the love he has for him.

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SM Entertainment

During a fansign held in 2016, Mark was asked by a fan who his favorite rapper is. As expected, he chose TaeYong! In another occasion, Mark was asked what style or which SM artistes he wishes to collaborate with in SM Station, he chose TaeYong as well for rap music!

To show the more cheeky side, TaeYong took Mark by surprised when he tried to show his affection for him by attempting to kiss him on the cheeks on a music show! Imagine how flustered Mark was!


What has NCT been doing?

Currently NCT 127 is promoting their new song ‘TOUCH’ on music shows. It is expected that in the rest of 2018, NCT 2018 will be undergoing rotational activities most probably in and out of South Korea.


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