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We all know that when male and female idols are from the same company, fans could not help but imagine what it would be like if any of them were to date. This is the same for SEVENTEEN's MinGyu and PRISTIN's NaYoung!

As noted, both are under Pledis Entertainment. MinGyu is born in 1997 whereas NaYoung is 2 years older than him. It seems it is possible for a noona-dongsaeng ship to happen in the future.

K-Pop Couple Fantasy: SEVENTEEN’s MinGyu & PRISTIN’s NaYoung

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One of the reasons why fans are liking the pairing between MinGyu and NaYoung is because of them performing as background dancers for After School's Raina and San-E's performance, 'A midsummer's night sweetness'. Back then, they were still trainees under Pledis Entertainment.

Fans dug out the old performance video and noticed how cute both were, even though they were just acting as a couple. Imagine how it would be like if they were dating!

Raina had also uploaded a picture together with them after the performance had ended.

K-Pop Couple Fantasy: SEVENTEEN’s MinGyu & PRISTIN’s NaYoung


As this was back in 2014, fans commented on how young and sweet they look!

Time flew by really fast and in 2015, MinGyu debuted as a member of SEVENTEEN. It was also in 2016 when NaYoung participated in Mnet "Produce 101" as as trainee. She eventually debuted as a member of I.O.I.

After I.O.I has disbanded, NaYoung returned back to her company and was in the debut project, PLEDIS Girlz, before debuting under PRISTIN. During that period of time, the PLEDIS Girlz covered SEVENTEEN's 'Adore U'.

Fans noticed how NaYoung covered MinGyu's place in the dance video. She did an amazing job too!

In addition to that, it was known by fans that NaYoung's parents run a noodle shop and SEVENTEEN members have went there to support NaYoung!

They even left the restaurant with their autographs as well as commenting on how thankful they are for them! It seems like NaYoung is also close with the rest of the SEVENTEEN members.

Speaking of MinGyu, fans also noticed how he is supportive of NaYoung after she had debuted.

K-Pop Couple Fantasy: SEVENTEEN’s MinGyu & PRISTIN’s NaYoung


During Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) 2016 when I.O.I was performing, fans saw how MinGyu was singing along when NaYoung begin to rap her part in 'Dream Girls'. He was also doing the actions which NaYoung usually did.

K-Pop Couple Fantasy: SEVENTEEN’s MinGyu & PRISTIN’s NaYoung

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It was also revealed that MinGyu's ideal type is someone tall, easy to get along as well as kind. Sounds kind of suspicious?

Well, NaYoung is known for her tall height, 171cm as the average female Korean height is about 161cm. She is also one of the most caring and nice leaders out there. Although we do not know if MinGyu was referring to anyone in particular, fans are happy if actually anything happens.

Another interesting fact is that both idols seem to like dogs!

K-Pop Couple Fantasy: SEVENTEEN’s MinGyu & PRISTIN’s NaYoung

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MinGyu uploaded on his Instagram a picture of him with a dog and fans also found old photos of NaYoung with dogs too! Looks like both even have a common interest.

K-Pop Couple Fantasy: SEVENTEEN’s MinGyu & PRISTIN’s NaYoung

MinGyu Instagram / PRISTIN Instagram

Because of all the possible interactions two of them could have, many fans out there also agree with the pairing and have even started calling them 'GyuYoung'!

What do you think about the two idols?


What has SEVENTEEN been doing?

SEVENTEEN will be holding an exhibition in celebration of their 3rd anniversary. It is expected that breathtaking pictures and moments of SEVENTEEN will be shared with fellow CARATS.

What has PRISTIN been doing?

It was recently announced that PRISTIN will be coming back in May with their sub-unit PRISTIN V, which consists of member NaYoung, KyulKyung, EunWoo, Rena and RoA.

K-Pop Couple Fantasy: SEVENTEEN’s MinGyu & PRISTIN’s NaYoung

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Aug 28, 2019 12:39 am

Got nothing against idols dating or whatever, but nitpicking what could simply be a good friendship and turning it into something it probably isn't is not fair to either of them :I

Nov 13, 2018 04:11 am

Me the whole time while reading this

May 12, 2018 02:48 am

Amazing. What excellent news! You decribe exactly my feeling. Tks u verry much. I always ship GyuYoung