K-Pop fanart is incredible!

Fans all over the world draw idols. Techniques are very various and all of these fans -experienced or not- have their own originality. Some fans replicated the exact same picture of their idols while some add some more elements to it. It can be black or white or in colors, realistic or fantastical, made with pencil, Chinese ink, paint or other instruments, manga style or not, digital drawing or not, etc. 

You will have understood fanart is diverse and great.

K-Pop Drawings: K-Pop Fans, Artists Of More Than Amazing Fanart

piupiupaw / RafaelGalang47 / CHIMILKEUI7 / luzgunare_sm / chelpyu

K-Pop Drawings: K-Pop Fans, Artists Of More Than Amazing Fanart

chalseu / peachj_art / MIN_DCN / Anjeo / Johnny

Online you can easily follow some K-Pop fanart account (usually Twitter and Instagram) according to your style and bias. Some of these accounts are not only dedicated to K-Pop. Also, some have a lot of followers while some have just a few.

For a quick overview of what you can find online, you can have a look by yourself below.

If you want to try drawing your favorite idols, there are plenty of tutorials online. Here are two examples.

Do you have a favorite fanart account?


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