K-Pop Fans Are Blessed On Oct. 21 With These Comebacks And Debut


K-Pop Fans Are Blessed On Oct. 21 With These Comebacks And Debut

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Just as how the title had suggested, there were 4 K-Pop comebacks and debut which took place on Oct. 21. That means that K-Pop lovers are blessed with new songs, new music videos and new contents!

Let’s take a look at the comebacks and debut which many had looked forward to.


#1 AleXa  ‘Bomb’

AleXa or previously better known as Alex Christine had made her powerful debut with ‘Bomb’. Many would recall her appearance on Mnet “Produce 48” and fans are more than happy to find out that she had successfully debuted as a solo artist in Korea.

The news of her debut had caused many people to keep a look out for her as it was previously reported that her music video was released exclusively on Billboard an hour ahead of time!


#2 TXT  ‘9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)’

Rookie group TXT has released their 1st ever full length album “The Dream Chapter: MAGIC” and title track ‘9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)’. Fans are excited to listen to the album as it consists of 8 brand new tracks to ‘feast on’.

If you have yet to check out their music video, you definitely should do so below.

It seems like Big Hit Entertainment tends to tell stories through their artists’ music videos and they did not fail to do so for TXT too.

Looking at the music video, the 5 idols have yet another new message which they wish to convey to their fans. Did you manage to catch the meaning behind the music video yet?



The 5 idols from NU’EST has returned with their 7th mini album “The Table” and title track ‘LOVE ME’. Once again, they never failed to express their love for their fans who are also called LOVE.

It was revealed that member BaekHo had participated not only in the producing of this mini album but MinHyun and leader JR had also composed and written songs too.

With the amount of talent overflowing from this group, LOVE could not help but love them even more.



VAV has returned with their 5th mini album and Kpopmap had also attended their press showcase! Check out our review here and HD photos here.

We were blessed as their latest title track ‘POISON’ was jaw dropping especially with the amazing choreography.

VAV will be heading to Europe in November to meet and greet their fans!


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We’re #BLESSED!!!