Why do the stars shine brightly anytime and anywhere?

We have now returned with an extension of this article, this time focusing in the world of female idols. So many idols got fabulous glow on their own face. Even among them have charming eye smiles melting your heart. Kpopmap picked Eye-Smile Queen among many girl group members. For this, we conducted a poll of "Idol overflowing with eye smile that melts men’s hearts". From a total of 3,207 votes,  876 votes went toward Tiffany, getting an overwhelming support for first place.

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Seeing these K-Pop idols smile will make your heart flutter and make your body and brain energetic. These candidates were widely known for their own angelic eye smiles. 


1. SNSD TiffanyKpop Female Idols With The Irresistible Eye Smiles


2. Girl's Day MinaKpop Female Idols With The Irresistible Eye Smiles


3. GFRIEND Yerin Kpop Female Idols With The Irresistible Eye Smiles

Among them, Girl's Day Mina got 599 votes and earned 2nd place. The peachy girl was crowned characteristic eye laugh and also lovable her heart-shaped lips were the points that stood out the most. 3rd place with 532 votes went to group GFRIEND Yerin, which was followed by Miss A Suzy, Red Velvet Joy, and Lovelyz Yein.

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