TOP 6 Songs Ranked In One Hundred Million Streaming Club On GAON Chart

You can check here what songs conquered K-Pop listeners’ ear from 2016 to 2017.

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What does it mean a song streamed more than one hundred million times? Probably, it means a lot not only for fans, but also for artists. Here, in the K-Pop world, is GAON chart, where all the songs’ ranking are arranged in. You can find which song is the most beloved song from K-Pop listeners in GAON chart. How about checking them and being reminded of song you like the most in 2016? Check whether your favorite songs are involved in this chart or not! Let’s go!

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1. Heize – ‘Don’t Come Back (feat. Yong JunHyung)’

Don’t come back to me
Don’t look at me, just pass me by
Because you have to be happy
Be happy with someone who resembles you


2. Ailee – ‘I will go to you like the first snow

I liked it so much
Watching over you, my heart fluttering
Even when I was ridiculously jealous
All of those ordinary moments


3. GFRIEND – ‘Rough

I wasn’t able to tell you but I liked you
Like a dream from the younger days, like a miracle
If I could run through time and become an adult
I will hold your hand in this cruel world


4. TWICE – ‘Cheer Up

Cheer up a little more
A girl can’t give her heart too easily
That’s how you’ll get to like me even more


5. M.C The Max – ‘No Matter Where

Don’t come to me
Don’t ever love like this again
Rather than remembering you, I’m waiting for you
My crushed heart hurts even more
Even if you meet someone new
And erase our love
I hope only the happy memories remain
And you forget me slowly


6. GFRIEND – ‘Me Gustas Tu

Me gustas tu gustas tu
su tu tu ru I like you
gustas tu su tu ru ru



GAON Chart’s Top 100 Online Downloaded Songs for 2017

Let’s check out the most downloaded songs on Gaon chart so far.

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Times have changed, and the era of buying albums seems a little bit faded as you can see the transformation of album, for instance, G-Dragon’s USB album of “Kwon Ji Young”. Listeners pursue something more comfortable, easy, and portable. Here’s what can resolve a dilemma between albums and just listening, like streaming forms. The proper method to resolve it could be downloading the songs. You can feel the same way you own the songs or the whole album, and at the same time, you don’t need to be uncomfortable. Because you are able to just touch the screen of your cell phone, or click in order to have music in your devices! Like this, downloading musics indicate the most important meaning in charts. You can see who got the most important positions on chart, below.


Gaon Charts


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GAON Chart’s Top 100 Most Online Streamed Songs for 2017

Let’s check out the most streamed K-Pop songs on Gaon chart so far.

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The easiest,  most universal way to listen to music might be streaming the songs. It’s a wifi-era, so you can listen to your favorite songs wherever you are, and whenever, whatever you want. Besides, This chart would be the most familiar one to you because most of charts on online music service sites, such as Melon, Mnet, and Bugs. Therefore, streaming is the most popular way of listeners and also the most influential way. Then, let’s check who occupied the most people’s ears!


 Idol Ranking, Gaon Chart

Gaon Chart

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