“Andante” (2017 Drama): Cast & Summary

EXO‘s Kai will debut as an actor through the drama “Andante

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What a exiting news for yall! Finally we can see Kai’s handsome face on drama. Drama “Andante” where EXO’s Kai will play a main role recently comes to the surface. Still, There are a few month before “Andante” is on the air, fans’ expectation seems quiet unbearable. 

According to a KBS staff on 12 July, “Andante” is decided to be aired in KBS1 early in October, 2017. When to be broadcast is not fixed yet, but with lots of ideas, they are considering it very flexibly. Andante will cover teenagers’ growing story which includes pain, happiness, and many emotions. Especially, “Andante” has grabbed attentions from lots of fans because Korea’s top idol EXO’s Kai is revealed to appear in this drama. Also, thanks to Kai, before the start of drama, “Andante” already finished making contracts with Asian nations, European nations, and many other countries all around the world except for China. As you know above, “Andante”‘s success seems to be promised for Kai.

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“Andante” will be broadcast from early in October with 52-minuted story for each episode.



Kai, Kim JinKyung, Baek CheolMin

SM ent. Esteem, Dispatch


Title: Andante/ 안단테

Genre: Drama, romance

Director: Park KiHo

Writer: Park SunJa, Kwon KiKyung

Network: KBS1

Runtime: 2017

Air time: TBA

# of Episodes:  16

Language: Korean



Typical city boy ShiKyung moves to country side and overcomes unfamiliar and alarming things. Finally He realizes valuable life and the real meaning of love through his growing pains.




Kai as Lee ShiKyung

Lee ShiKyung, who have deceived his mom so far, is forced to move to country side from Seoul. He is the ordinary 18-years old high schooler. With attractive defying charms, Kai will show his complicated emotion and mind while he comes through lots of tremendous changes and challenges.

kai, exo, andante


Lee YeHyun as Lee ShiYoung

Lee ShiYoung is Lee ShiKyung’s sister.

Lee YeHyun


Back CheolMin as Park Ga-Ram


Back CheolMin


Kim JinKyung as Kim Bon

Kim JinKyung



Interesting Facts

First script reading took place January 13, 2017 at KBS Annex Broadcasting Station in Yeouido, South Korea. 

“Andante” Staffs Praise EXO’s Kai for His Attitude on Drama Set

KBS just recently uploaded some behind the scenes shots of Kai on the “Andante” set, as well as praises for his hard working attitude.

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In the revealed photos, Kai can be seen holding onto his lines in every cut. According to sources, Kai’s hard working attitude and his love for his scripts are famous among the filming set. Kai is said to constantly study his lines even though his hands freeze through the cold weather, and carefully monitors his acting after every scene.

An inside staff stated, “Kai is showing us his best everyday as he puts all of his sincerity and passion for every scene. He is an actor that you can look forward to growing every day.”

“Andante” will be a pre-produced drama about an 18 year old boy (Kai) who transfers from Seoul to the country side. Kai will play the character SiKyung, who goes through unfamiliar experiences and miraculous moments to realize the true meaning of life and love. The drama is depicted as a healing, growth drama set to air in 2017.


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Lovely Differences Between Actors and K-Pop Idols

All-around entertainer, K-Pop idols are skilled better than actors and actress, sometimes.

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As you know already, K-Pop idols should be omnipotent idols who can deal with almost everything. Dancing, singing, acting, promoting themselves, producing, and doing these things simultaneously! Also, they are very skilled to find the camera shooting themselves and to look at it. Because they get used to catch camera’s angle and look attractive in front of it. This skill shines well even in other entertaining places than stages. K-Pop idols are good at posing professionally when they are taken pictures, giving finger hearts, or just hearts. Am I going to say actors are bad? Definitely No. You can find what I mean below, actors and actress who are not familiar with those things are cute enough to blow your mind too. Idols and Actors are having each proficient ability for them. Now is the time to see how skilled idols are!

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A man who don’t like to make a heart VS A man who finally made a heart

GIF XiuMin, Yoo SeungHo


V helps Park SeoJun to blow a hand heart

GIF JungKook, Park SeoJun


An idol who are skilled with a finger heart VS Actors who are not familiar with it

GIF Infinite, L,


Choose a guy with a perfect posture like he grabs the real gun(LOL).

Park BoGum, JinYoung


Only SuHo really wants to make a heart and other actor guys don’t.



Idols VS Actors of drama “Flower Boy(2016)”

GIF Park HyungSik, MinHo, JungKook

GIF Park HyungSik, MinHo

GIF actors



XiuMin, a member of idol EXO, is familiar with posing in front of people VS Actors who are not


Be adorable

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