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If you’re interested in the best selling K-Pop idol group at the moment, look no further. The data provided by the Korean Brand Reputation Center shows how much influence an idol has on K-Pop consumers.

As many people have guessed, BLACKPINK took the number one spot for the month of July. Their recent comeback, which has long been delayed, has no doubt been a tremendous success as it has accentuated their immense popularity in both the domestic and international market. Hopefully, Yang HyunSuk won't be sleeping on them any longer than he has and will provide more new releases in a consistent manner.

Chart evaluations are based on four categories, (from the left) participation, media, communication, and community.

K-Pop Idol Girl Group Brand Reputation Index Ranking For July 2018




3 Apink

4 Momoland

5 Red Velvet

6 Mamamoo

7 Girls' Generation

8 GFriend

9 (G)I-DLE

10 Lovelyz


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Aug 6, 2018 11:46 pm

aoa fighting <3