Cherishable Meanings of K-Pop Idol Groups’ Fanclub Names

It is no doubt that we all love the idols out there. They are simply amazing and just so easy to love. But more importantly, their fans are also sometimes just as loveable as well. The way they unite to show their love for their idols, the way they work hard to promote the fanbase as well.

And so we’d like to dedicate this short moment for the fans as well. In case you weren’t aware, here are the names for some of K-Pop’s biggest group fanbase. 


V.I.P (Big Bang)

V.I.P is, of course, an abbreviation that stands for ‘very important person’. We love Big Bang even more for considering their fans as their very own V.I.P and hope to see more of their big hearts through their future music releases.

GIF Big Bang 2017



So what could EXO-L possibly mean you ask? It’s simple. Because fans love EXO so much, EXO-L is obviously a shortened way of saying EXO love. 

GIF EXO 2017


Me U ( f(x) )

As the name itself suggests, the girl group expresses their love for their fans by using a name that expresses unity between them.

GIF f(x) 2017



S♡NE (Girls’ Generation)

‘So Won’ is a Korean word meaning wish. The heart of course is placed instead of the alphabet ‘o’. The heart represents the girls’ love for their fans and ‘So Won’ means the fans’ wish to be with the idol group. It is also interpreted as Girls’ Generation and their fans are one. 

GIF Girls' Generation 2017



The group has cleverly made their fanbase name matching their own group name as well. A.R.M.Y of course literally does mean army as well but it is also sometimes an abbreviation for Adorable Representative M.C for Youth.

GIF BTS 2017



The meaning behind the fanbase name is a little bit deeper than most. The name is supposed to represent a relationship between MAMAMOO and their fans that expresses an exclusive relationship regardless of age, family relations. Moomoo is the word that clearly represents that idea. 




The fanbase name combines INFINITE’s ‘IN’ with spirit, expressing INFINITE’s heart and music. 



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