K-Pop Idol Groups That Were Supposed To Have More Members Originally



K-Pop Idol Groups That Were Supposed To Have More Members Originally



Unless you’re a die hard fan of a certain group or just full of knowledge, chances are, you might not have been aware that some of the K-Pop idol groups in the scene today originally had other members part of the lineup.

Take BTS for instance. We know that they are a seven-member group, but there have been other Big Hit Entertainment idol trainees who almost ended up debuting but eventually didn’t make it due to different reasons.

Below are those types of instances.


HyunSeung Almost Debuted As A BIGBANG Member

Former Beast member HyunSeung almost debuted as a member of YG Entertainment idol group BIGBANG. Having trained together with BIGBANG members, they still remain close as friends to this day.

hyunseung bigbang



MiYeon Of (G)I-DLE Almost Debuted As BLACKPINK’s Fifth Member

Yeah that’s right. BLACKPINK was originally supposed to have been a five-member girl group. While it’s still unclear as to why she was unable to debut with BLACKPINK, there are speculations involving dating rumors with Jung JinHyung, and other unconfirmed stories.

g idle miyeon

Cube Entertainment

blackpink miyeon


HongSeok Of Pentagon And Jung JinHyung Almost Debuted As A Member Of iKON

If you’ve watched the survival program ‘Mix and Match’, you’d be well aware that a nine trainees competed for debut positions in the idol group iKON. HongSeok was among them but was unable to make the final cut. As for Jung JinHyung, many people believe that the dating rumors involving him and MiYeon, who was also originally supposed to debut as a member of BLACKPINK, was the reason why he was unable to debut as an iKON member.

ikon original members



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i’m very happy that my miyeon didn’t debut in bp because rose stans would kill her because she is better then rose at visual vocal ans personality and rose cant even do a high note but miyeon is ready for high note in any time