K-Pop Idols Who Are Also Accomplished Instrumentalists

The majority of K-Pop idol performances usually consist of what any popular music concerts would have, choreography and singing. 

Audiences usually don’t have the chance to see their favorite idol displaying their musical capabilities through instrumental performances unless they attend a special official concert where idols sometimes play different versions of their songs with instruments live. Luckily, in this day and age, we have something called the internet, which allows us to have access to contents without having to actually physically move in order to acquire it. Videos of K-Pop idols displaying their various musical abilities can be found online and some of them are quite remarkable. 



Henry KPop 2017, Henry 2017, Henry Lau 2017


Henry is an all-around accomplished musician who can play the piano, violin, and guitar. He has also won the Canadian Royal Conservatory of Music Regional Gold Medal and studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts as well.



IU 2017, IU KPop 2017


As an amazing songwriter that she is, it’s not too surprising that she would know how to play at least five different instruments. IU is able to play the guitar, electric guitar, drums, recorder, and piano. 



Afterschool EYoung 2017


E-Young of  Afterschool is just pure sexiness when she rocks out on the electric guitar. She has all the techniques down, from economic picking, to sweep picking, an impressive talent that requires years of practice. 



SeoHyun 2017, SNSD SeoHyun 2017

SeoHyun Official Instagram

SeoHyun of Girls’ Generation apparently has piano skills to match her beauty. In fact, her father actually is the chairman of a piano academy. 



KyulKyung 2017, PRISTIN KyulKyung 2017

TV Daily

It’s only fitting that the ‘Chinese Miracle’ plays a refined traditional instrument that complements her jaw-dropping beauty. KyulKyung is known to be able to play the lute and it is quite a sight to watch her do so.


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