Instagram and other social media platforms is pretty much a must for any celebrity these days. The numbers play a large role in reflecting the popularity of a group, or so it seems anyway.

The '2018 Instagram Awards' announced the winners on December 20th.

You can check the results out below!


Top 10 K-Pop Idols With The Most Followers


1 G-Dragon (BIGBANG) - 16.1 Million

2 ChanYeol (EXO) - 16 Million

3 SeHun (EXO) - 14.8 Million

4 Lee JongSuk - 14.3 Million

5 BaekHyun (EXO) - 13.8 Million

6 TaeYeon (Girls' Generation) - 12.9 Million

7 Jackson (GOT7) - 11.9 Million

8 Lisa (BLACKPINK) - 11.6 Million

9 Jennie (BLACKPINK) - 10.6 Million

10 Nam JooHyuk - 10 Million


Most Loved Account (Account With  The Most Visits, Comments, And Likes)




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9M ? Thankyou to you all

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Emerging Account (Account With  The  Fastest Growth)


Kim SoHyun


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Top Boy Group & Girl Group Accounts




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