If you're a fan of Korean entertainment, especially K-Pop, you must have seen a whole bunch of variety shows and idol reality shows where K-Pop idols get to go outside and have a day of fun and games. Oftentimes, they'll go to amusement parks and try different rides while having fun. However, one particular ride that most idols are either extremely excited for or very scared of, is the rollercoaster.

The reactions these idols have as they go up, down, and sideways always have us rolling with laughter. Here are our picks for the best reactions idols have had to being on a rollercoaster ride, on camera.


1. BTS

BTS not only had the herculean task of actually riding the rollercoaster, but they also had to play memory games while on it! Needless to say, it was an episode full of the best reaction faces ever and we couldn't help but especially emphasize how J-Hope, while on the rollercoaster, seemed to have given up all hope and simply shut down like a computer.


2. BTOB's SungJae and Red Velvet's Joy

SungJae and Joy's reactions were exactly the opposite of each other on the rollercoaster. While SungJae looked all indifferent and cool about it, Joy was pretty much losing her sanity. While SungJae was screaming in joy and excitement, Joy was screaming in horror.


3. SHINee's Onew

Onew's reaction on the rollercoaster was truly one of a kind. While Key and MinHo almost had tears in their eyes, Onew started singing their song 'Lucifer' with all his passion. Not only was it unexpected but the fact that he was singing while the others were crying, was hilarious.


4. Stray Kids

The Stray Kids members also showed dual reactions on the rollercoaster, to the point that some of them even had to have their faces covered by the editors so as to "protect their image". SeungMin was simply having the time of his life, ChangBin was excited at first but soon got scared out of his mind, Han, Lee Know, and Felix were unmoved and it seemed like I.N was discovering a whole new world.


5. Girls Generation

Girls Generation showed off the prowess of being seasoned artists who have been through numerous ups and downs when they rode the rollercoaster and even though it had many twists and dips, it did not faze the girls one bit. They still looked gorgeous and perfect as ever for the photo at the end of the ride.


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