7 K-Pop Idols that JYP Must Have Regretted Missing At The Audition



7 K-Pop Idols that JYP Must Have Regretted Missing At The Audition

Hani, VIXX N, N, 2017 Hani, 2017 N, 2017 EXID

Sometimes Midas of K-Pop entertainment, JYP misses talented people. Here’s the list of those who failed to be artists in JYP Entertainment.

As most K-Pop fans already know, it’s quite famous that IU failed to pass the JYP audition in the past, so Park JinYoung, CEO of JYP entertainment has apologized her for it. However, IU was not the only one who JYP missed in their auditions. Since JYP entertainment has been the biggest company in K-Pop idol entertainment, those who ever have dreamed about being idols must have applied to JYP entertainment at least once. Below, check who failed to be JYP’s selected idols and just imagine what it would be like if they passed the audition and finally became JYP idols!


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1. ChoA of AOA

Before ChoA debuted as AOA, she had gone to the final tournament at JYP audition. Her famous audition colleges are HyoLyn of SISTAR, HoYa of INFINITE, and Hani of EXID. After she failed to pass the final ground, she entered FNC entertainment where AOA belongs now.

AOA, 2017 AOA, ChoAh, 2017 ChoAh,

FNC ent



2. HyoLyn of SISTAR

As you could know above, HyoLyn also was a trainee of JYP till the final ground at JYP audition. Even though she was the winner at the audition, she had to leave JYP because girl group project in JYP entertainment foundered. But she debuted in Starship entertainment and made it as one of the top stars.

HyoRin, 2017 HyoRin, HyoRin JYP, SISTAR




3. Hani of EXID

As also mentioned above, Hani was one of the collegues who passed the JYP’s the 2nd audition with HyoLyn and ChoA. Even though she has been trained for 1 year in JYP entertainment, she moved to China because she was struck off the list of JYP trainees. After she came back from China, she tried to challenge again for her idol dreaming. And also finally, she made it!

Hani, EXID, 2017 Hani, 2017 EXID




4. Kim DongHyuk of iKON

Did you know that Kim DongHyuk of iKON was the winner at the JYP’s 9th audition? Then how come he dubuted in YG? The answer is that he passed the closed audtion in YG and moved to YG. If he had remained in JYP, would have he become DAY6 or GOT7

Kim DongHyuk, iKON, 2017 Kim DongHyuk. 2017 iKON, YG idols

By love



5. N of VIXX

N of VIXX was scouted by staffs of several entertainments when he participated in dancing competition. After that he applied to all the auditions in JYP, SM, YG and other many entertainments. He is the one of the last two guys who passed the final in JYP audition, and what’s interesting here is that the other one is MinHyuk of BTOB.

N, VIXX N, 2017 N, 2017 VIXX,




6. MinHyuk of BTOB

As shown above, MinHyuk was mate trainee of VIXX’s N in JYP entertainment. For that experience, they still have been in intimate terms till now. He eventually succeed to debut as BTOB and to be a almighty member of BTOB.

MinHyuk, BTOB, 2017 MinHyuk, 2017 BTOB




7. NaEun of April

April’s NaEun got trained as a trainee in JYP entertainment and also she has appeared in the music video of GOT7. However, she thought that she lacked talents for being an idols so left JYP entertainment. DSP entertainment where April belongs now called her for being a member of April so she changed her mind to be an idol.

April, April NaEun, NaEun, 2017 April



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you missed Sungjae of BTOB


his biggest mistake was the loss of IU, Hani and Holyn. Look how huge they are today!!


Hello! Thank you for your interest in our website! haha you’re so true ! Hope you all enjoy =)