Kpopmap Charts: 10 Idols That Are Good at Overwatch

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you probably know very well about ‘Overwatch’, Blizzard Entertainment’s most recent hit PC game. 

Loved by fans and gamers all over the world, it’s no surprise that even our beloved idols would play as well. While it would be difficult to determine for sure which idol would be the best player, we’ve compiled a list of idols whom we think would be quite competent at playing the game in order.


#1 JungKook (BTS)

Star Daily News / Overwatch Official Facebook

JungKook is ranked as #1 on Kpopmap’s gaming charts because we believe his flawless appearance also reflects his flawless gaming skills. Well, maybe that’s just wishful thinking, but regardless, he is known to be the best gamer within BTS and we have seen through social media that he is above average in almost every game that he plays, whether it’s through PC, console, or mobile phone.


#2 MinHyuk (MONSTA X)

Twitter / Kevin Raganit Instagram

If you love Overwatch so much you would even post a video of you playing the game, you must to some extent be competent in the game. Videos of MinHyuk playing can be found online with members of VIXX as well. The way his eyes are lazily focused with relaxation on the monitor screen makes us think that because he is so good, he doesn’t even have to try. 


#3 BaekHyun (EXO)

M Countdown / Overwatch Official Facebook

Rumors have it that BaekHyun’s Overwatch rank is somewhere in the ranks of master tier. 


#4 HongBin (VIXX)

News One / Overwatch Official Facebook

Hongbin of VIXX has surprised fellow idols Gongchan (B1A4), and MinHyuk(Monsta X), with his Hanzo skills. The only reason he isn’t at the very top is that we all know Hanzo is OP and hated by Overwatch players. 


#5 Hyuk (VIXX

VIXX Official Facebook / Overwatch Official Facebook

Hyuk has been seen playing overwatch with Hongbin and MinHyuk as well. His skills as a competent dealer in the game were quite apparent with Pharah.  


#6 Mino (WINNER)

LOFFICIEL / Overwatch Official Facebook

His specialties are probably not limited to just rapping and looking great. Mino himself actually looks like a tanky character and we believe that his D.Va would be a tank that can make the Overwatch team last long while fulfilling objectives. 


#7 V (BTS

Dispatch / Overwatch Official Facebook

V probably has an extremely busy schedule, so we don’t think he’d be the best at the game, but that’s not to say he would be bad either. 


#8 Jennie (BLACKPINK)

Sports Chosun / Overwatch Official Facebook

The thought of Jennie playing Overwatch seems cute and also very realistic at the same time. She even somewhat has a hot gamer girl vibe as well. 



‘Whistle MV’ / Overwatch Official Facebook

JiSoo and Jennie are known to be the best Overwatch players in BLACKPINK. Lisa and ChaeYoung sometimes tries to play with them but are usually left out because they lack skill. Symmetra is usually a difficult character to play with, which is why we find it hard to believe that a super-star idol with a busy schedule could manage to play well with it. 


#10 HyeJeong (AOA)

Top Star News / Overwatch Official Facebook

While it’s really cool to know that HyeJeong plays Overwatch, Genji players are usually very good or very bad. 


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