Kpopmap Charts: 10 Idols That Are Good at Overwatch

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you probably know very well about ‘Overwatch’, Blizzard Entertainment’s most recent hit PC game. 

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Loved by fans and gamers all over the world, it’s no surprise that even our beloved idols would play as well. While it would be difficult to determine for sure which idol would be the best player, we’ve compiled a list of idols whom we think would be quite competent at playing the game in order.


#1 JungKook (BTS)

Star Daily News / Overwatch Official Facebook

JungKook is ranked as #1 on Kpopmap’s gaming charts because we believe his flawless appearance also reflects his flawless gaming skills. Well, maybe that’s just wishful thinking, but regardless, he is known to be the best gamer within BTS and we have seen through social media that he is above average in almost every game that he plays, whether it’s through PC, console, or mobile phone.


#2 MinHyuk (MONSTA X)

Twitter / Kevin Raganit Instagram

If you love Overwatch so much you would even post a video of you playing the game, you must to some extent be competent in the game. Videos of MinHyuk playing can be found online with members of VIXX as well. The way his eyes are lazily focused with relaxation on the monitor screen makes us think that because he is so good, he doesn’t even have to try. 


#3 BaekHyun (EXO)

M Countdown / Overwatch Official Facebook

Rumors have it that BaekHyun’s Overwatch rank is somewhere in the ranks of master tier. 


#4 HongBin (VIXX)

News One / Overwatch Official Facebook

Hongbin of VIXX has surprised fellow idols Gongchan (B1A4), and MinHyuk(Monsta X), with his Hanzo skills. The only reason he isn’t at the very top is that we all know Hanzo is OP and hated by Overwatch players. 


#5 Hyuk (VIXX

VIXX Official Facebook / Overwatch Official Facebook

Hyuk has been seen playing overwatch with Hongbin and MinHyuk as well. His skills as a competent dealer in the game were quite apparent with Pharah.  


#6 Mino (WINNER)

LOFFICIEL / Overwatch Official Facebook

His specialties are probably not limited to just rapping and looking great. Mino himself actually looks like a tanky character and we believe that his D.Va would be a tank that can make the Overwatch team last long while fulfilling objectives. 


#7 V (BTS

Dispatch / Overwatch Official Facebook

V probably has an extremely busy schedule, so we don’t think he’d be the best at the game, but that’s not to say he would be bad either. 


#8 Jennie (BLACKPINK)

Sports Chosun / Overwatch Official Facebook

The thought of Jennie playing Overwatch seems cute and also very realistic at the same time. She even somewhat has a hot gamer girl vibe as well. 



‘Whistle MV’ / Overwatch Official Facebook

JiSoo and Jennie are known to be the best Overwatch players in BLACKPINK. Lisa and ChaeYoung sometimes tries to play with them but are usually left out because they lack skill. Symmetra is usually a difficult character to play with, which is why we find it hard to believe that a super-star idol with a busy schedule could manage to play well with it. 


#10 HyeJeong (AOA)

Top Star News / Overwatch Official Facebook

While it’s really cool to know that HyeJeong plays Overwatch, Genji players are usually very good or very bad. 


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My Idol Photostory: Lisa of BLACKPINK

There’s no question that foreign-born K-Pop idols have to work that much harder. Not only do they have to study a whole lot of Korean, but they must learn to adapt to culture differences and living so far away from home. Throw in the task of being an idol rapper, and you’ve definitely got a challenge, which is why foreign-born K-Pop rappers like BLACKPINK’s Lisa are so great!

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For this week’s My Idol Photostory, we’re going to take a look into the life of the Thai Princess herself, Lisa Manoban. Think you know everything about the star?

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My Idol Photostory: Lisa of BLACKPINK

Lisa was born Lalisa Manoban on March 27, 1997 in Bangkok, Thailand. Her Thai name is Pranpriya, though she goes by quite a few nicknames from friends, including Lalice, Laliz, and Pokpak. She is an only child, and the stepdaughter of Swedish champion chef Marco Brueschweiler.


Twitter @roxmeous

BLACKPINK’s Official Instagram

Twitter @nallalisa0327


Before her debut, Lisa trained with YG Entertainment for over five years, having first joined the company in April of 2011. She was scouted during a YG audition in Thailand, and was rumored to be the only person who auditioned that ended up making the cut.

YG Entertainment


Lisa is known for her rapping and dancing skills. When she lived in Thailand, she was a part of a dance crew named We Zaa Cool, where she danced alongside fellow Thai idol GOT7’s BamBam.




However, Lisa also has a few other talents that might not be as obvious on stage. She can speak four different languages – Korean, English, Japanese, and her native language Thai – and she can even play the ukulele.


Back in her trainee days, Lisa first turned heads as the main model for YG Entertainment’s clothing brand, NONA9ON, where she modeled alongside iKON’s Bobby and B.I. She also appeared as a dancer and extra in Taeyang’s “Ringa Linga” music video.




Lisa made her debut with BLACKPINK through the singles “Whistle” and “Boombayah.” The girls broke the record for the fastest act to secure the first and second position on the Billboard World Digital Songs chart. Not so bad for a debut, huh?

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YG Entertainment


Since then, Lisa has made a name for herself as a charismatic and talented dancer, performing on variety shows and participating in special stages with other well-reputed idol dancers.


Thanks to her appearance on “Get It Beauty” and her numerous Moonshot ads with BLACKPINK, Lisa has also become something of a beauty icon.


Most recently, BLACKPINK released the single “Like It’s Your Last,” which became the second most-watched K-Pop music video within 24 hours on YouTube. (The first? YG labelmate PSY’s “Gentleman.”) They also began activities in Japan.


While Lisa and the ladies have currently wrapped up their recent promotions, it’s only time before they make another comeback, so…


Keep supporting BLACKPINK, and keep rooting for Lisa!

BTS Born with “DNA” to Break Records and Conquer Global Music Charts

There are various things that fans can say to prove how amazing their idols are. Meanwhile, to those who aren’t so in love with idols may have a hard time believing in what fans. 

What about the factual data? Factual data can certainly persuade the others or the public into believing what fans believe. It’s a scientific fact that cannot be denied.  Those factual data could be music records, number of the album sold, number of time that the music was streamed etc. 

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If the factual data are the only things that can persuade the judge in the court of “How Great BTS is an Idol Group”, boy, fans of BTS are surely going to win the case. COUNTLESS PROOFS can be submitted. 

BTS, BTS DNA, Love Yourself, BTS 2017 Comeback, BTS iTunes, BTS Music Charts, BTS Records

Official Twitter

Now, after BTS has broken so many records and remained 1st in rank for a great amount of time, fans at this point, should be confused as well of their data. So, it’s time for the rechecking of BTS’ record-breaking moments.

All the questions are to be answered in True or False! Ready?

  1. The music video of ‘DNA’ was watched by over ten million viewers within EIGHT HOURS.
  2. The music video of ‘DNA’ was watched by over twenty million viewers within TWENTY-FOUR HOURS.
  3.  The pre-order of the “Love Yourself” album went over ONE MILLION and ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY Thousand. 
  4. The amount of album bought as soon as it was released went over 35 HUNDRED THOUSAND.
  5.  “Love Yourself” album was ranked the 1st in 73 countries’ music chart.
  6. ‘DNA’ was played by over 9 THOUSAND people through Melon Music Streaming site. .
  7. ARE ALL OF THE SENTENCE ABOVE TRUE?    So, what are your answers? 

The correct answer sheet should have 7 trues!!!!

“Love Yourself” album made it to the 1st in rank in 73 countries including U.S, U.K, Australia, France, Finland, Brazil, Poland and so on. The title song ‘DNA’ took 4th place and has broken their own record that was built by ‘Spring Day’ by being in 8th in rank, in the main chart of iTunes. Korean music charts are nothing to mention because they were all overruled by their music obviously.

It was also the very first time that a Korean musician has reached over 10000000 views on Youtube. 

If you are looking for a feeling of “Being Proud” in your life, I suggest you become a fan of BTS. You might feel so every single day! 

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