K-Pop Idols Who Have Been Body Shamed



It’s never pleasant to see anyone being shamed online because of the way their body looks.

Fat-shaming especially has been problematic in the world of K-Pop as well since many idols are put under immense stress from their agencies and even fans as well to maintain an impossible standard of beauty.
While it’s true that K-Pop may be about beautiful visuals, people have to embrace the fact that times are changing, and what might not have been acceptable in the past should be reconsidered, especially when it comes to a sensitive matter such as a person’s appearance.
Below are some K-Pop idols who have faced this kind of experience first-hand and have in some ways raised awareness in South Korea about body-shaming.
Wendy (Red Velvet)

While she wasn’t made fun of in the beginning, she received a lot of hate and insults during the time when ‘Dumb Dumb’ was released. Wendy lost a lot of weight after on and has continued to maintain her slim figure.

Red Velvet Wendy Fat

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Many netizens believe that Kyla has left the K-Pop scene due to not just her health condition but also because of the traumatic response she received for being a bit larger than the other girls. PRISTIN fans hurled cruel insults and a lot of people viewed her fan cam videos to see for themselves if she was as big as many people were saying.

Kyla Pristin



Umji (GFriend)

She has had quite a big visual transformation over the years up until now. While many fans and netizens have complimented her for her looks these days, it wasn’t always so merry for her. She faced similar experiences with the other idols mentioned above.

GFriend Umji




Just recently, CL’s return to the K-Pop scene has been causing a lot of noise for both good and bad reasons. The good reason is obviously that the queen of K-Pop has returned to connect with fans. The bad reason is that many netizens have been talking more about how much weight she gained since they last saw her.

CL Fat


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