If you're familiar with South Korean beauty standards, you'd know that having small heads and small faces are usually some of the traits that are included.

Now, most of the idols all generally have smaller heads than average people. But even among those idols, there are ones that have even smaller head sizes. In fact, a lot of netizens and K-Pop fans have brought up photos of these idols at times on online communities, not because of their fame or popularity but simply out of amazement at how small their head sizes are.

Check them out below!


Bae JinYoung

Wanna One member Bae JinYoung is very well known for his small head size, His tall height makes it even appear even more so and fans were amazed when they saw how small it was even when compared to Kang Daniel, who also has a small head.

K-Pop Idols With Incredibly Tiny Head Sizes




Kang Mina's head is so small that she has to wear caps differently than the way average people do.



Oh My Girl member YooA's head is so small that a fan brought small bowls of microwavable rice to compare the sizes.

K-Pop Idols With Incredibly Tiny Head Sizes




Girls' Generation member YoonA is not only known for her beauty but also for her incredibly small head size which fans have always been fascinated by time after time.

K-Pop Idols With Incredibly Tiny Head Sizes




JeongYeon's head is so small that it's literally almost the same size as a six-year old's.

K-Pop Idols With Incredibly Tiny Head Sizes



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Oct 14, 2018 12:58 am

haechan from nct also has a small head