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One of the most beloved soloists of K-Pop, WonHo has officially made his comeback! This time, WonHo is giving us bright summery vibes with his newest mini-album "Blue Letter". Over his solo career, WonHo has explored various avenues of love successfully and more importantly, beautifully. WonHo's music hits home is always incredibly resonant and meaningful. While there is an evident genre shift in this mini-album as compared to his previous releases, the overarching thematic connection is sustained through yet another interpretation of the big L word: Love.

"Blue Letter", as the name suggests, is a lilting letter to WENEE, glowing with positivity, love, and endless affection. "Blue" has been a repeating element in WonHo's music, aesthetic and visual concepts since his solo debut. He once revealed that he is reminded of WENEE when he sees the color "blue" and so, it holds deep meaning for him. In a sense, WonHo is reclaiming the concept of "blue" and turning it upside down to mean happiness and gratitude rather than melancholia. 

You can watch the music video for 'Blue' below!

In 'Blue', WonHo uses contrasts to emphasize his message. In this article, we will discuss the English version of 'Blue'. 

"I’m drowning down into the blue, it feels amazing / Swimming high up to the sky, am I going crazy?"

"Drowning" usually has a negative connotation but in this song, WonHo equates it to feeling overwhelmed with joy. "Swimming high up" instead of flying, signifies the way WonHo is surrounded by love as if he is in the water but he is levitating nonetheless. The feeling is so strange yet satisfying that even WonHo admits the absurdity of the same. 

WonHo compares diving in the bottomless ocean to exploring his deeper consciousness, his dreams. Dancing the night away, all in the blues would imply spending endless time getting to know everything about each other: the good, the beautiful, and the lovely. By the end of it all, WonHo and WENEE will become one. 

K-Pop Lyrics Explained: What Does WonHo's Song 'Blue' Mean?

WonHo's Twitter

Even on the surface, the song is all about having the time of your life with your beloved. To "party all night long" is also in a way, delving deep into what you enjoy from the bottom of your heart. 

"You know we’ll get a little out of control / Can you feel, feel the blue?"

Sometimes, straying off the beaten path, doing what you're not supposed to be doing, going off-course, and abandoning any essence of a plan is the most liberating thing one can do. WonHo holds your hand as you let yourself go, feel the happiest you ever have without any reservations, and take a deep breath of life, shining in radiant blue. Blue is life, blue is love. 


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