Jang Dong Gun′s Niece to Debut as Girl Group : Melody Day Profile

It has been revealed that Melody Day′s member Yoomin is an actor Jang Dong Gun′s niece. According to multiple music insiders in an exclusive by OSEN, Jang Dong Gun is the son of Yoomin′s great aunt. Yoomin calls Jang Dong Gun uncle. The top star′s family and the rookie idol girl′s family see each other and contact each other often.

And recently, Yoomin’s group return with a more upbeat tune and concept that differ from their previous ballads songs. The four-member girl group will be kicking off promotions for next single album “Speed Up” with an online release along with the title track music video release on October 7.  From their powerful vocals to their sexy dance moves, Melody Day is looking amazingly captivating. In the new teaser video for “Speed Up,” GOT7’s Junior and Melody Day members show their immense chemistry together and show their unique charms, too. With its new title track, the rookie girls seem to quickly mature with this new sexy and witching concept that music lovers sure will anticipate.


Melody Day Profile 

kpop melody day profileYeo Eun

(Jung Jieun)

Position : Leader, Vocal

Birth : 1990.01.25

Height: 169cm 


kpop melody day profileYoomin

Position : Vocal

Birth : 1993.08.29

Height: 165cm 


kpop melody day profileYe In

(Ahn Yein)

Position: Vocal

Birth : 1995.05.04

Height: 168cm


kpop melody day profileCha Hee

(Park Sooyoung)

Position: Maknae, Vocal 

Birth : 1996.03.24

Height: 167cm

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