AOA Black 에이오에이 블랙 (Girl Group)


Former Members


    5 members from AOA excluding HyeJung, ChanMi, and SeolHyun, formed an actual band with instruments called ‘AOA Black’ but they were not considered as a separate unit.
    The group added dancing as part of their band performance before ‘Get Out’. ‘MOYA’ was considered to be the starting point of the band as being recognized as an official unit.
    However, after the release of ‘MOYA’(July, 2013) the group haven’t appeared much on the stage.
    On Oct. 15, 2016, YouKyung, the drummer of the band’s contract with the FNC Entertainment expired, and naturally departed with the group.
    Things turned even more downwards as ChoA, the main vocal and the guitarist of the group left the band due to her health issues on June, 2017, seemingly hard to see the band perform on the stage again.

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