K-Pop Predictions Of 2019 Made By Fans



K-Pop Predictions Of 2019 Made By Fans

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The end of 2018 has finally come and fans can only wonder what K-Pop has in store for them in 2019.

From news of debuts of new groups and comebacks, there have been a few hints and sneak peeks here and there but none of the agencies have given fans a definite answer as to what they can expect.

Which is why many fans have been making predictions year after year.

Below are some of our favorite predictions made by fans.


YG Entertainment’s New Boy Group From ‘YG Treasure Box’ Will Follow In The Footsteps of BIGBANG

One could argue that YG Entertainment has never really had a group that flopped, except a couple or so. And given their reputations as marketers and quality contents creators, it might not be far off to think that the new boy group that will debut after the end of ‘YG Treasure Box’ will follow in the footsteps of BIGBANG, or at least fans will try to convince you anyway.

Fans have also stated that Bang YeDam will most likely end up in the group and take up the majority of the spotlight.

yg treasure box



2019 Will Be The Year Where The Verdict Regarding The Success Of NCT Will Be Decided

Fans have always seemed to be divided on opinion regarding the success or failure of SM Entertainment idol group NCT. But they seemed to have been doing much better than before as they appeared on the AMA’s red carpet and showed people that they have a solid fan base in the US. A large majority of fans and netizens seemed to have made 2019 the year where they can settle the matter once and for all.




A Girl Group Will Announce Disbandment

It happens every year, so not much to say about this prediction. However, if we were to think about which girl groups actually might have the possibility of disbanding in 2019, it might be f(x), who have remained inactive for so long.

fx kpop



2019 Will Be The Final Year Where BTS Continue To Amaze The World

This is kind of a tough one. We always thought that the whole BTS success streak was at its end whenever they did something that no other group has ever done in history. But the remarkable thing is that they just keep outdoing themselves over and over and it’s gotten to a point where we’re not even surprised any more whenever they break another world record. The bottom line is, don’t just think that their history in making will end in 2019, because given their net worth and current global popularity, we beg the differ and think it’s possible that they may continue to ride their momentum for another two years or so.

bts time



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Bts will always be our fave.kpop no matter what happen?


Girls Day just disbanded, I am so sad.


Hopefully f(x) will have a comeback this year. Luna put it on her bucket list that there will be a comeback for f(x) in 2019.


Everything is transient