From fashion trends to hot travel destinations, what's considered in and what's out is constantly changing, and the standards of beauty are no exception. 

However, there are certain timeless facial features that just can’t be left out when it comes down to cuteness. Big eyes, a small chin, and fluffy cheeks are all features anyone would love to have to look mesmerizing, but dimples above anything else is a must in order to truly be the definition of ‘cute’ in this day and age. And not just any dimple, but more precisely ‘Indian Dimples’.

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The first runner up is Mamamoo’s MoonByul. Currently attending Paekche Institute of the Arts as a media and music major, the singer actress just seems flawless and it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out why after one glimpse of her.

K-Pop Queens with the Most Alluring Indian Dimples



Second in line is SolJi of EXID. Formerly a member of the vocal duo 2NB, she is without a doubt, living proof that it is possible to be both beautiful and cute simultaneously. It’s no wonder she can make any boy’s heart go ‘Up and Down’ with just one smile.

K-Pop Queens with the Most Alluring Indian Dimples



Next we have YeonJung of WJSN (Cosmic Girls). Representing the Natural Unit of the four units of WJSN, her youthful elegance and charm is clearly evident through the way her dimples perfectly form when she smiles. We simply can’t get enough of her, can we have some ‘Mo Mo Mo’ please?

K-Pop Queens with the Most Alluring Indian Dimples



Last but definitely not least, who is afraid of heights and can kill it on the dance floor with not just dangerous beauty but with the moves? It’s none other than GFriend's YeRin. As GFriend’s lead dancer, her specialty isn’t just limited to choreography. We can also see that the act of smiling itself can somehow be an actual specialty when it gains millions of fans and a cult status following. ‘Lots of Love’ for you YeRin!

K-Pop Queens with the Most Alluring Indian Dimples

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