With the topic of chart manipulation within the music industry in a heated state at the moment, it's worthwhile to think about some of the songs that jumped into the charts and unexpectedly took the #1 position. Solo artist NILO recently has been under heavy suspicion of manipulating the charts after miraculously beating out K-Pop titans EXO, TWICE, and Wanna One.

Here are our picks of the best songs that took K-Pop listeners by surprise and ranked at #1 on the charts.



Two years after their official debut, girl group EXID released their most successful single 'UP&DOWN' in August of 2014. But as fans would know, it wasn't an instant success. In fact, the girl group was close to calling it quits before member Hani's clip of performing UP&DOWN suddenly went viral and shot the song to the very top of the charts.


Bolbbalgan4 Galaxy

After appearing on Yoo HeeChul's Sketchbook, a popular music TV show, their single Galaxy gave them songwriter duo an immense momentum that lead to the prominent fame that they enjoy today.


NU'EST - Hello

NU'EST saw some mainstream success six years after their debut after appearing on Produce 101. After Hwang MinHyun's departure for Wanna One, viewers of the show began to stream their song, Hello, making it easier for them to continue as NU'EST W.


GFriend - Me Gustas Tu

Talk about terrible luck when it starts raining on the day of your performance. Well in GFriend's case, it actually turned out to be quite possibly one of the best things that ever happened to them. Member YuJu fell while performing but got right back up and enthusiastically danced away harder than before, which left a smile on the viewers' faces. After that, Me Gustas Tu started to gain more listeners.


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