From beauty products to video games, Korean imports are hotter than ever, but nothing is hotter than the famous faces representing these brands!

For this week's Kpopmap Chart, we are taking a look at the "who's who" of K-Pop's hottest endorsement models. Hawking anything from skincare products to cup ramyun, these idols have become the influencers of their industry, relied on by brands to drive sales for even the most basic of household items.

Let's take a look at the idols currently gracing every billboard, magazine ad, and TV commercial these days. Can you take a guess who they are?


1. G-Dragon (BIGBANG)

Kpopmap Charts: 10 Idols Making Bank In Endorsement Deals


With the reputation of an international style icon, G-Dragon has had the opportunity to model for quite a range of brands in both domestic and oversea markets. Recently, the BIGBANG rapper became a brand ambassador for Chanel, modeling their Gabrielle bag for a commercial.


2. IU

IU is among the highest-earning celebrities in the K-Pop world, and brands often seek her out for her charmingly chic image. A representative for Hite-Jinro, one of such companies, called her the perfect product model because she is "an artist who is popular among all generations, even senior citizens."


3. Suzy (miss A)

Kpopmap Charts: 10 Idols Making Bank In Endorsement Deals


After making more than 10 billion won (approx. $9 million USD) in endorsement deals back in 2013, Suzy was officially named the "CF Queen" and has yet to give up the title. Her versatility and natural beauty have attracted legions of fans to purchase anything from eyewear to nutritional supplements.


4. HyeRi (Girl's Day)

HyeRi has been given the name "10 Billion Won Girl" by marketing executives due to how effective she is as a product model. After the Girl's Day singer began as a spokemodel for convenience store chain 7-11, the sales of their to-go lunchbox sets increased a whopping  78%!


5. TaeYeon (SNSD)

Kpopmap Charts: 10 Idols Making Bank In Endorsement Deals

Banila Co

You know an idol's endorsement game is strong when she can convince you to buy anything from lipstick and skincream to... water?! When TaeYeon signed on as the face of Jeju Samsadoo spring water, the brand exceeded 31 billion won (approx. $27.5 million USD) in sales, the highest in its 20-year history.


6. SeolHyun (AOA)

SeolHyun first gained her reputation as a must-have endorsement model back when she was selected to represent Korean cellular provider SK Telecom. The AOA member became such a fixture in the advertising world that she was named Model of the Year at the 2015 TVCF Advertisement Awards.


7. YooNa (SNSD)

Kpopmap Charts: 10 Idols Making Bank In Endorsement Deals


As the visual of the world's most famous K-Pop girl group, YooNa's natural beauty is without question, and her selling power is just as strong. She has been able to successfully drive sales as a product model both in Korea and China, leading CNN to call her a "household name" in the Asia-Pacific region.


8. MinHo (SHINee)

While SHINee easily reign supreme as the kings of Asian endorsement deals, MinHo's proven to be just as in-demand on his own.  For the past three years, the idol has consecutively earned more than 300 million won (approx. $250,000 USD) in endorsements alone.


9. Zico (Block B)

Kpopmap Charts: 10 Idols Making Bank In Endorsement Deals

Oriental Brewery

As his reputation continues to grow as a solo artist, so has Zico's endorsement deals! The Block B rappers has appeared as the spokesmodel for everything from exam preparation books to water parks, and most recently appears as the face of Cass beer.


10. Yook SungJae (BTOB)

After charming his way to fans' hearts on "Who Are You: School 2015," SungJae became a hot commodity in the world of endorsements - appearing in ads for eight different companies in the three months that followed the drama's finale. Currently, the idol endorses Sprite alongside singer/rapper Yoon MiRae.

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