Kpopmap Charts: Top 6 Idols and Actresses That Made Bank For Companies

It’s amazing to see how influential idols and celebrities are in our society today. Fame isn’t just an accessory, it is an asset that opens doors to many other desirable things in life. 

The Hallyu stars we have compiled this time have done extraordinary things not just for themselves and their agencies, but also for other businesses that they have worked with. They have demonstrated the power of marketing when it’s done correctly. 


#1. Jun, JiHyun – HERA, Yves Saint Laurent, IOPE

Jun JiHyun, Jun JiHyun Profile, Jun JiHyun 2017


Arguably the most beautiful woman and the biggest female Hallyu star in Asia, actress Jun JiHyun has raked in 9 million USD for the cosmetics company Hera in a matter of just a few months after promoting their lipstick. There was also an incident when the entire nation went into a complete frenzy when lipstick products from Yves Saint Laurent, all went out of stock. People thought she was using Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks, but it turned out that the shade of her lipstick was in fact from IOPE and not Yves Saint Laurent, which adds a little humor to the craziness. In a nutshell, this woman has the power to sell out cosmetic products by just simply wearing them in K-Dramas and her movies.


#2. Suzy – Beanpole

Suzy, Suzy Profile, Suzy KPop, Suzy Comeback, Suzy 2017, Suzy Miss A

Golden Disk

Miss A member Suzy is known as the queen of CF’s and advertisements. She probably makes more money off of endorsements and appearances on television than her activities through Miss A. When South Korean clothing brand Beanpole collaborated with KakaoTalk to release Kakao Friends Edition Beanpole Bags, Suzy had the chance to release one which she personally designed herself. The bags sold out as soon as they were released and had to be restocked ten times. She increased Beanpole’s revenue by 400%.


#3. SoHee – Reebok Classics

SoHee, SoHee Profile, SoHee Wonder Girls, SoHee Kpop, SoHee 2017, SoHee Reebok

Reebok Official

Reebok has much to be thankful for from this wonder girl. Her endorsement with Reebok increased the company’s revenue by 200%. Reebok Classics products were all sold out across the nation after images of her wearing the products surfaced on the internet and television.


#4. Ko SoYoung – IOPE

Ko SoYoung, Ko SoYoung Actress, Ko SoYoung 2017, Ko SoYoung Profile


A veteran actress and model for advertisements. Actress Ko SoYoung raked in 9 million USD for cosmetics brand IOPE in just two months. 80,000 pre-orders were made as soon as the product she was advertising appeared on commercials.


#5. YoonA – Innisfree

YoonA, YoonA Profile, YoonA 2017, SNSD 2017, Girls Generation 2017

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YoonA is not only a valuable asset to SM Entertainment alone but also to the South Korean cosmetic brand Innisfree. She has been the face of Innisfree for nine consecutive years straight. 


#6. Son NaEun – Adidas 

Son NaEun, Son NaEun Profile, Son NaEun 2017, Son NaEun APink

Sports Hankook

Although she was never an officially endorsed model for Adidas Korea, just a few images of her wearing their leggings triggered an explosion in sales of Adidas leggings all over the nation to the point that the exact model of leggings she wore eventually sold out in a flash.



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