Watch the Exclusive Interview with APRIL

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Watch the Exclusive Interview with APRIL


Kpopmap went up close and personal to APRIL at their  showcase for the comeback 2nd mini-album, “Spring”!

APRIL had invited Kpopmap to their showcase today for their comeback celebration, and of course we went! We were able to meet the lovely spring fairies at the Lotte Card Art Center as they showcased their new songs as well as answered some questions.

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The event began with the new MV of their title track “Tinkerbell”, followed by the actual live performance. The girls were utterly precious as they danced around the stage in their Tinkerbell outfits. It was literally as if we were seeing fairies on stage! After the performance, Rainbow’s JiSook came out to host the entire showcase, as she conversed with the girls. The APRIL ladies seemed very shy at first, but eventually opened up as we began interviewing them.

Ultimately the showcase was a success as we were better introduced to the 2nd generation of KARA. Kpopmap was able ask the girls to answer some questions that our readers were most curious about, and the girls had personally written out the answers for us!

We had oh-so-cleverly formed the questions into the theme of the tracks on their new album. Take a look at each APRIL member’s answers (in their own handwriting!)



Exclusive Interview with APRIL

Track 1. What morning song do you recommend to your fans who have trouble ‘Waking Up’ in the morning?

HyunJoo: Something that makes you feel like morning in the mornings! Something that makes you excited for the day! APRIL’s “Wake Up”!

ChaeWon: I recommend “Kiss” by our seniors, Rainbow!! I think it’ll help you start the day on a sweet and bright note~!

JinSol: Our seniors, MAMAMOO’s “Woo Hoo”! I think it helps you start the day on a bright note! It just makes you feel like everything will work out great throughout the day!

YeNa: I recommend the track “Wake Up” from our album!! It makes the morning feel bright, and it just feels like you can start the day on an excited note.

NaEun: “Wake Up”! It’s a track from our album but I personally love the song. I just knew it was a morning-call kind of song as soon as I heard it >_<



[Handwritten Interview with ChaeWon]


Track 2. What’s the first thing you want to do if you turned into ‘Tinkerbell’?

HyunJoo: I want to fly to lots of places and go on adventures!

ChaeWon: I want to fly through the colorful, pretty flowers on a bright spring day, and play around~!

JinSol: I want to use magic to become small! I want to become small so I can eat a very very big ice cream!!

YeNa: Tinkerbell has wings, so I would want to fly around Seoul at night and enjoy the night view.

NaEun: Tinkerbell’s a fairy, so I would want to fly around and help people in need! Just like the real Tinkerbell.



[Handwritten Interview with HyunJoo]


Track 3. What are the 3 things your ‘Future Boyfriend’ must have?

HyunJoo: 1) Love for me! 2) Consideration for others! 3) Warm smile and heart!

ChaeWon: First!! First… I like guys who are overflowing with consideration for others! I prefer nice guys than bad guys! Second!! Leadership!! I am easily persuaded and indecisive, so I think those with leadership are really cool~! Third!! Love for only one! Someone like this will definitely love only me right? These are my 3 things!

JinSol: 1) Someone with nice manners would be nice! Someone polite and kind!! 2) Someone who smiles a lot would be nice! I like someone with a nice smile ^_^ 3) Someone who is reasonably honest would be nice!

YeNa: Condition1) Must have a nice smile. Condition 2) Someone who likes children and has proper manners. Condition 3) Someone who will be on my side and someone I can depend upon. (To phrase it generally, hoon-hoon style!)

NaEun: 1) Manners 2) Honesty 3) Look only at me



[Handwritten Interview with YeNa]


Track 4. What’s the first think you do “When You Open Your Eyes” in the morning?

HyunJoo: Wash my face!~ Refreshing morning~~

ChaeWon: I first set my alarm the night before to a time earlier than when I have to set up. The first thing I do in the morning is (turn off the alarm and go back to sleep)-> x3 Eventually.. I turn off the last alarm and run to go wash up! T_T

JinSol: I turn off the alarm and go back to sleep, and then wake up and stretch. I heard that you grow if you stretch as the first thing in the morning, so I do it habitually.

YeNa: I first turn off the electric blanket and blink a few times. Then I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face.

NaEun: I go to the manager’s room and greet him by “NangMong NangMong”.



[Handwritten Interview with NaEun]


Track 5. Which K-Pop female idol do you wish to have a conversation with over dessert?

HyunJoo: I want to get closer with our Lovelyz seniors and share more conversations with them!

ChaeWon: IU senior! She was my role model since before my debut~ I’m a big fan! I think her voice is as sweet as dessert too!!

JinSol: SNSD’s YoonA senior! I’m a really really big fan!

YeNa: There are many I wish to name, but I want to get to know the Oh My Girl seniors more and eat desserts together.

NaEun: Suzy senior…!



[Handwritten Interview with JinSol]


A Word to Your Kpopmap International Fans

HyunJoo: Please always love APRIL and look at us well~~

ChaeWon: We, APRIL! We’ll show you our pretty sides more, more and more from now on! So please look forward to us, and please keep~~ looking out for us! We’ll work hard so that we can go meet you soon!! Thank you!

JinSol: We’ll work hard to make sure we can show you better sides of us! Thank you always!!

YeNa: We worked hard on this album to show you a more improved side. All of the songs on our album are good, so it would be nice if you could give us a lot of love and look forward to our activities!!

NaEun: Hello, it’s APRIL’s NaEun! Thank you for always cheering for us from far away >_< I LOVE YOU! Wo ai ni~ Aishiteru~~