Kpopmap got to get up close and personal with the latest returning sexy divas, the Brave Girls!

Brave Girls had just made an exciting comeback with their 3rd mini album, "High Heels". The group had invited Kpopmap to their latest showcase for their comeback celebration, and of course we said yes! We were able to meet these sexy divas at the Il Chi Art Hall in Gangnam, where the girls showcased their new songs as well as answered some of our questions.

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The Brave Girls were dressed in unique costumes representing the different characteristics of each member, and they first began with a brief interview followed by a viewing of their new MV and performance for their title track 'High Heels'. The overall showcase was a huge success as the girls perfectly enamored the audience and answered questions with both sincerity and humor.

We know how much fans living abroad get frustrated by not being able to attend these showcases. That's why we've brought a little part of the Brave Girls to you! We asked the girls to fill out a series of questions in their own handwriting, with a little message for their foreign fans. Check out the exclusive interview that Kpopmap has prepared just for the FEARLESS!

Read the Exclusive Interview with the Brave Girls


Exclusive Hand Written Interview with the Brave Girls

Read the Exclusive Interview with the Brave Girls


 [High Heels] What's your choice of style when wearing high heels?

MinYoung: Killer high heels in clean cut jeans brings the visual as well as confidence up up!!

YuNa: I recommend wearing high heels with high waist short shorts. I think it makes you look prettier.

HyeRan: One piece dresses look best in high heels

EunJi: High heels look the best with skinny jeans and a white shirt

HaYun: White shirts with jeans! It's the most simple and most basic, yet prettiest coordination.

YuJin: I suggest wearing simple outfits, because high heels itself can be the points of an outfit. For example, white shirts with skinny jeans are good with high heels

YuJeong: Super skinny jeans with a pair of shirt!! Underneath, a pair of killer heels ㅎㅎ

Read the Exclusive Interview with the Brave Girls


[Help Me] Who helped you the most during your times of struggle?

MinYoung: My mom and dad who have always been on my side no matter what!! Also, the members who are with me everyday and our fans. Our CEO who always thinks of us, Brave Girls, before him.

YuNa: I would have to say my mother, who is the closest to me. I can tell her anything so comfortably.

HyeRan: Our manager, my family, and friends

EunJi: My parents!! (Always with advise and carrots next to me... I love you^^)

HaYun: The manager of DQ Dance Team, Kim GyuSang (?) Thanks to your tremendous humor, I laughed a lot even during struggling times!? Also someone who is most thankful for always working hard with us!

YuJin: Mom and dad, of course! I was able to continue on by thinking of my family. Our fans were always helpful too!

YuJeong: Parents. Unnie ㅎㅎ family!! My worries disappear with just one phone call to them

Read the Exclusive Interview with the Brave Girls


[Whatever] 3 Foods you want to eat if you can eat whatever for a day without gaining a pound?

MinYoung: TangSooYook (Korean-style Sweet and Sour Pork), SamGyupSal (Pork Belly), YookHwae (Raw Meat)

YuNa: SamGyupSal, HamJungSal, KimChi Stew ㅎㅎ I want to eat them all at the same time.

HyeRan: Beef, Eel, Cheese & Wine

EunJi: Chicken, JokBal (Pig's Feet), Meat

HaYun: There's so many... but... Beef, Bread, White Rice. Ha... there's too much. No, I like any type of meat

YuJin: DdukBokkIe (Spicy Rice Cakes), Ramen, White Rice

YuJeong: Cake, Meat, DdukBokkIe

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[Don't Meet] What kind of man would you regret having ever met and will never meet again?

MinYoung: A man who talks about me so easily to other people! Not my style!

YuNa: Uhm.. someone who talks easily to others about the memories and experiences we share together.

HyeRan: Someone who ruins a memory that we shared together (by saying something that didn't happen or making things up..?)

EunJi: A man who holds grudges

HaYun: A man who cheats!! I am a jealous person, so if he meets another girl... I hate cheaters the most!

YuJin: A man who cheats

YuJeong: Cheater.

Read the Exclusive Interview with the Brave Girls


[Deepened/Changed] Which member changed the most after debut?

MinYoung: YuNa - From chic and cold with black hair, to an amazing blondie! So pretty >_<

YuNa: I choose me...? Because I showed a lot of different sides that I usually don't show after I debuted?

HyeRan: YuNa got more active

EunJi: YuJeong unnie (She got cuter after losing weight!!! She had dark hair, but she lightened it and got cuter >_<)

HaYun: I think... it's me! After debuting, I laugh a lot more thanks to the Brave Girl unnies!

YuJin: YuJin! Her hair color changed drastically

YuJeong: YuNa. She got cute ㅋㅋ It's fun annoying her.

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A Word to Your Fans Who are Abroad & Signature

MinYoung: Thank you for always cheering for us from afar. I love you!  I'm waiting so anxiously for the day I can meet you in person.

YuNa: Hello! I'm YuNa 🙂 Thank you so much for having interest from us from far away! I promise to come see you guys!

HyeRan: The warmth that I feel from far away, thank you, I love you <3

EunJi: Thank you for cheering us from so far away and I love you. I will work hard until the day I can perform in front of our international fans! Just wait a little bit ^^

HaYun: Thank you so much for always taking interest in us from afar! I, HaYun, will also work hard so I ask for your abundance of love

YuJin: Hi~ Hello, it's YuJin. My name is Yoojin. I will work hard, so please look fondly!

YuJeong: So happy to see you guys again.

Read the Exclusive Interview with the Brave Girls


Brave Girls

Brave Girls

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VCF lover
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thanks for making us close to the girls !!

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