Kpopmap launches off our 1st ever Yearbook Awards to celebrate the hottest K-Pop idols who were the most influential in 2016!

As the year comes to a close, we take a look back on everything that has happened in the year 2016. We welcomed some of the new brightest stars, witnessed some of the most heart touching moments by idols to fans, and even said goodbye to some of the most loved and cherished groups of the century.

To summarize the year into one easy throwback, Kpopmap hosts its first Yearbook Awards! We assemble a yearbook dedicated to 2016 with the idols who've made the most headlines in the industry. The winners will be chosen through a series of live voting all throughout December on our Facebook page. Find out who, what, when, where and how you can participate in declaring the winners of this year's Kpopmap's Yearbook Awards!

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Mark your calendars, because the first voting launches off on Monday, December 5th at 6:00 pm KST!



Kpopmap's Yearbook Awards 2016 winners will be 100% dependent on fan's live votes!


Where to Vote:

Go to our Facebook page at the dedicated hours to vote through our live video feed!


 How to Vote:

During voting hours, sign into your Facebook and come visit our page. In the live voting video, react with the designated emotion to enter your vote for your choice of winner! One vote per account will be recorded.


Who to Vote:

For each category, we present 3 nominees who have been active and most popular in the industry during the past year.


When to Vote:

From December 5th to 23rd, we will be hosting a live vote every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 24 hours starting from 6:00 pm KST! (ie. Monday 6:00 pm KST - Tuesday 6:00 pm KST, Wednesday 6:00 pm KST - Thursday 6:00 pm KST, etc)

** Winners will be announced on December 26th! **


What to Vote (Category Explanation):

Class President: Best K-Pop group leader of 2016

Exchange Student: Best rookie group of 2016

Class Clown: Most hilarious K-Pop idol of 2016

Visual Prom King: Most handsome male idol of 2016

Troublemaker: Most controversial idol of 2016

Model Student: Most flawless idol of 2016

Visual Prom Queen: Most beautiful female idol of 2016

Twins: Best doppelganger idol pair of 2016

Class Couple: Best dating K-Pop idol couple of 2016



Here's the voting schedule chart for each yearbook category!

Kpopmap's Yearbook Awards 2016: Voting Schedule



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