K-Stars That Bought Houses For Parents As Soon As They Made Bank

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What’s the first thing you would do if you became a world-famous star and made a lot of money?

While there are a lot of options, these South Korean celebrities decided to thank their parents by getting them a nice house.



Even as a young girl, Suzy was an extremely sweet daughter. She helped out as a waitress at a restaurant owned by her parents. After her breakthrough success, she bought a house and a cafe for her parents. It was her parents’ dream to own a cafe. Luckily for them, their beautiful star daughter fulfilled their wish. They named the cafe as ‘SuCafe’.

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Won Bin

After becoming a successful actor, the first thing Won Bin did was build a two-story house for his parents because he was tired of seeing them on a small farm. But the house soon became a problem because of two reasons. The first is that the house won a prize for its architecture, naturally attracting swarms of tourists. The second is that his fans just wouldn’t stop lingering around. And so he remodeled the entire farmhouse that his parents used to live in before moving into the new house. The two-story house is still owned by his parents.

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HyeRi was determined to take care of her parents ever since she was young. The reason was because she had to watch her parents live a hard life while working. Her parents even had to live separately.

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Lee HyoRi

While it’s already difficult enough to buy a nice house for just your parents, Lee HyoRi bought a house for her parents, her relatives, and also paid for the expensive interior inside her sister’s restaurant.

Lee HyoRi, Lee HyoRi Profile, Lee HyoRi Parents, KPop Parents



Cho JungSuk

Even as a young child, he would tell everyone that someday he will get a nice big house to live in together with his single mother. He saved up all of his paychecks to eventually turn that promise into a reality.

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Namgoong Min

Despite his status as a veteran actor, he still lives by paying monthly rent. The reason is because he bought both his parents and his younger sibling houses.

Namgoong Min, Namgoong Min Profile, KPop Parents



Soo Ae

She originally actively pursued acting as a career to save just enough money to pay the lease deposit fee for an apartment for her parents. However, little did she know at the time that she would become one of the most successful female actors in South Korea. After major commercial success, she instead purchased a large house for her parents.

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Park ShinHye

She saved her earnings ever since she was a child actress for a total period of ten years in order to establish a restaurant for her parents.

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