Kwon HyunBin has been one of the most famous participants of Produce 101 Season 2. He wowed the viewers with his physical features (187 cm and handsome face) and his potential as an idol. Sadly, he could not make it in Wanna One, the winners of the program, he ended number 22.

Since then, he has trained even harder to make his dream come true. He was originally part of the model agency YG KPlus, under YG Entertainment, but to pursue his career as an idol he was moved to YG Entertainment. He is now managed by both companies. Currently, he is a member of JBJ however it has been announced that the group will resume activities in April.


Kwon HyunBin's Ideal Type

Idols' Ideal Type Compilation: Kwon HyunBin


Kwon HyunBin: I like women shorter than me and with long hair. I prefer women older than me. I would like to date women who eat well and laugh often and who have good hygiene. Since I am young, I like f(x)'s Krystal.


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