Kyla Finally Reveals The Real Reason Why She Went On Hiatus Along With Why PRISTIN Disbanded

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Kyla Finally Reveals The Real Reason Why She Went On Hiatus Along With Why PRISTIN Disbanded

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Netizens and fans have been raising various different speculations and possible reasons for former PRISTIN member Kyla’s hiatus along with the group’s disbandment.

Unfortunately, neither the group’s agency Pledis Entertainment nor the group members have actually given an exact statement pertaining to the matter.

However, Kyla recently held a question and answer session with her fans and spoke about everything she knew about the disbandment as well as the real reason why she went on a hiatus.

According to Kyla:

“And also, a lot of you guys have sort of speculated why I went on hiatus and I can tell you now that it wasn’t because of the hate comments, it wasn’t because you know of, my weight and how that affected my mental health.

I can understand why you would say that but, in actuality the reason why I went on hiatus is because I ended up getting injured. I got a concussion while filming our second music video, and the doctors and my company decided that it would be best if I took a period to rest and recover from this injury.

They all thought that it was important that I fully recovered before we continued on with any new promotions. So that’s the reason, and let me just say that I know that there have been a lot of rumors, there have been a lot of speculations, there are a lot of been, there have been a lot of articles that sort of went around. Saying oh, this is what happened or oh, this is what happened and let me just tell you. That’s not true.

You guys can speculate what happened all you want, but ultimately, we all just thought that it was best if we disband it and although it is an unfortunate situation, we all take our best memories and our best experience from PRISTIN. And we’re just, we’re all so very grateful that it happened and we had all of these amazing experiences together, and I think that that’s the most important part. You know, it was a very positive experience all around, and I’m gonna never trade it for the world. So, please do not listen to any rumors.”

You can check out the full video below!


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